What additional expenses will you incur on the Everest Base Camp Trek

Here are some additional expenses you need to consider when you are signing up to one of our Everest Base Camp Treks. This will vary depending on your itinerary and time spent in Kathmandu. This will also depend on inclusions and exclusions on your specific itinerary. Here are some additional expenses you will and may incur while in Kathmandu and on the trail to Everest.
Visa Entry: USD $50
Meals in Kathmandu: USD $50 Approx
Tips Given at the end of the trek: USD $150/ $200
Bakery visits: USD $50
Internet: USD $25 (Everest link card)
Power Bank Charge: USD $10 full charge (This will vary)
Boiled water in Nalgene: $2+
Souvenirs: At your own discretion
Specialty drinks in lodges: $2 to $4 per drink

Some Additional Information

You should use water purification tablets in the 4/5 liters of water you will be drinking each day. You can buy these in Kathmandu or on the trail to Mount Everest. Bottled water (plastic) has been outlawed in the Everest region. The price for one liter of water can be anywhere from $1 to $4 higher up the trail. Everything gets more expensive the higher you go up the trail to Mount Everest. Please follow the Leave No Trace policy while in the mountains. Please bring everything back out with you. Read some REVIEWS from our trips.

We include continuous training support and advice along with our 40 page booklet on the trek. Check out our upcoming treks from our award winning company.

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