Trek the World With Us

Trek the world with us and give yourself the best chance of achieving your goals. We have been running trips around the world for the past decade, and have developed the right teams, itineraries and structure to give our clients the best experiences and chance of reaching their goals.  From Everest Base Camp treks to the summit of Kilimanjaro or a journey on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and more, we have an adventure for everyone! With our own offices in different locations and expert advice for our clients before, during and after the trip, we stand out as a company who is willing to get you all the information you need before taking on your trip of a lifetime!

Our Unique Itineraries

There are lots to trekking companies out there, some are wonderful operators and others are not. Most of them follow the same itineraries and copy what others are doing to just give you a generic itinerary and trip, but we are different.  We have spent years in the regions we work in, testing out all different types of itineraries to find what works best!  The most important factors in making a trip a success is that we do our part in giving you the best chance of having a safe and successful journey.  Including more days acclimatizing at critical points of altitude as well as having a steady and slow pace throughout the trip are both paramount in the success of our clients!

When you choose an adventure like what we offer, you want to trust that the organization you choose to work with takes your safety seriously and that is what we do!  You will have to do your part and come physically prepared for the journey (with our expert advice), but once you arrive, we will be there to ensure that you can fully enjoy the adventure, instead of just endure it.

Ian Learned the Hard Way

When Ian first started going on trips to high altitude, he did not know anything about how to best acclimatize or what itineraries to follow, he trusted in the advice of the organization he paid to bring him to these places.  He quickly realized that he did not acclimatize easily or quickly and the itineraries he was choosing were moving people up the trails so quickly, everyone was getting sick and many not making it.  He realized that there were not many people out there at that stage taking the correct approach to high altitude and spent the following years developing itineraries that would give everyone the chance of a successful and enjoyable adventure to altitude.  Allowing for more days acclimatizing at the critical points is giving our teams the best possible chance of reaching their goals.

We have added three nights acclimatizing in Namche Bazaar on our Everest Base Camp Treks and we prefer to run eight day climbs on our Kilimanjaro trips using the Lemosho Route.  We have found that doing this gives people the acclimatization they need to be successful!

We Have The Best Teams on the Ground

Another factor on the trips that makes us stand out from many of the rest is that we have spent time developing our offices in the regions we work in.  We do NOT outsource any of our treks in our key locations.  In Kathmandu, Arusha and Cusco, we have our own offices with our own full time staff.  The guides that we have working with us have been doing so for years and know the standard, pace and experience that we want all of our clients to have when on the trip.  Every guide who works for us knows us and how we want our trips run, so you don’t have to worry that you are trekking with someone who does not know anything about our set-up or team!

On Kilimanjaro, Athumani, our head guide there, was named the ‘Kilimanjaro Mountain Guide of the Year’ in 2019 and we could not be more proud of him!  Our team has also won an ‘International Tourism Award’ in Nepal for our outstanding work our organization has done throughout the Everest Region and beyond.

Trek the World With Us

Once you sign up to a trip with us, we are available and happy to help you make sure you are doing everything you need beforehand to make the trip a success.  We are available to get on calls to discuss training and send out complete Dossiers on all the trips we run.  We want you to get the information you need directly from us, since we are the experts on the trips and have done them many times, not from someone who has gone one time before with limited experience.  GET IN TOUCH today and we can help you get started in making the trip of your dreams into a reality!

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