The Keys to Success Climbing Kilimanjaro

There are lots of important elements to successfully Climbing Kilimanjaro. There are a few very important things to absolutely bring with you if you want to be successful.  This page has links to other really important information about how to be successful climbing Kilimanjaro. The first key to success is in the route, acclimatization and days you pick going to a low oxygen environment. After reading this information feel free to CONTACT US or read more about how to be successful climbing Kilimanjaro.

Speaking from Experience

I have climbed Everest to the top and led over 150 expeditions. I have also climbed Kilimanjaro 30+ times so I know what it takes to reach the summit safely and successfully. Ian Taylor Trekking have led over 2,000 people to the roof of Africa.

Make sure you have the right acclimatization

Acclimatization, acclimatization, acclimatization. This should be your number 1 consideration when thinking about trying to climb Kilimanjaro. Yes people have climbed in 5, 6, 7 days but to maximize your experience, safety and success you need more acclimatization. We really only run 8 days climbs on Kilimanjaro. Here is a story you need to read when it comes to acclimatization for your Kilimanjaro climb.

Physical preparation is essential for success on Kilimanjaro

The other key factor is physical conditioning. You need to be training in the right manor to be successful. Kilimanjaro is a big mountain. It also has a big summit night and day. If need to be training with a weighted back pack. If you have access to hills and mountains you need to be using them.

Hill walking is best, carry weight use the stair master

If you have no access to hills you need to find steps, stairs and start getting in elevation training carrying weight to be successful. You also need to be building the hours of training you do weekly so that you are building the strength and conditioning needed for this step ascent and descent. Read some REVIEWS.

Have 1 to 1 support on your summit night

You need the right team in support of your climb. We have 1 to 1 support for your summit night. We carry oxygen, hot drinks and have enough staff with the team as your safety should be your number 1 concern. If you go to THIS PAGE it will offer a range of links to really important information on climbing Kilimanjaro.

Check out our TOP 50 TIPS for climbing Kilimanjaro

Now is time to check out our Top 50 Tips for your Kilimanjaro climb. Once you have read that information why not pick us for your Kilimanjaro climb. We have the team, route, food, service and dream team in place to give you a life changing experience on Kilimanjaro.


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