Solar charging for adventure trekking and mountaineering

Solar charging for adventure trekking and mountaineering. If you are joining a trekking or mountaineering expedition around the world at some point having a solar charger will make sense. You can even use it at home, traveling or in the car. Check out Sol Pro for their excellent tried and tested equipment. All their solar gear is built to be durable and light.  The Massai 10 / 10 watt panel I use is only 11 ounces and produces enough power to keep all my gear going. Also check out the Helios Smart device.

Solar charging for adventure trekking and mountaineering

I have used a number of different solar systems and Core Third have the best lightweight set up and fastest charging I have seen. If you are trekking in the Himalaya’s or on Kilimanjaro this system will make the different when trying to get your camera and video camera back recording again.

When you get into camp you can charge the battery pack. You can even charge in the tent when the sun is out. Using Solar charging in the mountains saves you money. On an Everest base camp trek you could spend $60 – $80 on charging batteries so worth the expense. You can be using this in your car, camping and future trips. It will pay off.

Here are a few reason you should be using a solar charger for your trip:

1) This is good for the environment

2). This system will save you money on your trek

3). This is a durable long lasting system for the outdoors

4). You can use and charge your kit all day

5). Simple and easy to use