Solar Charging for Adventure Trekking and Mountaineering

If you are joining a trekking or mountaineering expedition around the world, then purchasing a solar charger will be a good investment. You can even use it at home, traveling or in the car. When you are looking at options for a solar charger, there are a few thing to consider.

Why you Should Consider a Solar Charger

Firstly, you want one that is lightweight and easy to attach to the outside of your pack.  Most of the time, you are walking during the day, when the sun is strongest.  Therefore, you want you solar charger out in the sun during that time.  Hooking the charger to your pack, facing upwards, it ideal.

Secondly, you will want to make sure that the panel is able to charge up your phone or your battery pack.  On a trip like Kilimanjaro, Island Peak, Mera Peak or others where you will not have access to charging devices, the strength of your solar panel will mean you having pictures/videos to remember the trip by or not!

Adventure Trekking and Mountaineering

There are a few reasons why using a solar charger is a good option for your trekking or mountaineering adventure.  Firstly, when on a trip in the wilderness, it is always better to be self-sufficient!  You never want to have to rely on others or on having the ability to use charge your valuable devices.  Especially on some of our trips, you may not have any option but to have a solar charger!  Secondly, you are hopefully a lover of the outdoors if you are on a trip like this, so why not use something that is better for the environment!  Thirdly, you can save money on trips like those to Everest Base Camp or Island Peak, where they charge you to use electricity.  Over the years, we have saved money by having a good solar charger!

Solar Chargers are Worth the Investment

If you are trekking in a shaded/covered area, then you may not be able to use your solar charger.  However, when you get into camp later in the day, you can leave the solar panel in the sun to charge it up! Sometimes, if it is very sunny, you can even even charge in the tent.  On an Everest Base Camp Trek alone, you could spend $60 – $80 on charging batteries in the tea houses, so it is worth the expense. You can be using this in your car, camping and future trips. It will pay off.

In Summary

Here are a few reason you should be using a solar charger for your trip:

1) They are good for the environment

2). The system will save you money on your trek

3). This is a durable long lasting system for the outdoors

4). You can use and charge your kit all day

5). Simple and easy to use

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