Ski Training in Norway

Ski Training in Norway. If you have set you sights on crossing Svalbard, Greenland or Antarctica on ski’s you need to learn the systems required for a safe and successful adventure.

28th February  –  5th March 2019  8 SPACES OPEN 

Join an Nordic skiing adventure in Norway.  If you want to take your winter skills to the next level, learn how to Nordic ski and challenge yourself pulling your gear instead of carrying it this the trip for you.

Ski training in Norway Ski training in Norway

Ski Training in Norway

This training and challenge will help you prepare for a Svalbard crossing, Greenland crossing and possible Polar exploration to the poles, or just enjoy a winter trip to Norway. During the week we will cover specific Polar training skills, Polar navigation, camp craft and camping routines. This is an action packed week of Norwegian mountain travel in a challenging and run atmosphere. We will provide, ski’s, boots, pulks, tents, stoves and camping equipment. We will provide a full kit list on signing up.Throughout this journey you will learn a lot about polar travel, wilderness and cold weather living. You will learn how to ski on different terrain and advance your cold weather knowledge while enjoying the wondrous Norwegian mountains in a safe and amazing environment. If you want to try something new, exciting and challenging you need to join our Nordic ski training in Norway.