Sitting in Lukla Nepal

I am sitting in Lukla, Nepal.  As more and more flights arrive into the mountains. Over 100 trekkers and climbers departed the Hillary-Tenzing airport this morning and over 150 trekkers arrived this morning. I am just back from Everest base camp with an amazing group of 9 people from around the world. I am waiting for a group of 23 to arrive from Kathmandu tomorrow and I head back up to Everest base camp for the 20th time tomorrow.

Shangbouche hill 3,900m post earthquake

As this is post earthquake Nepal. People are worried about the trail, lodges and condition of the Everest Region and other areas of Nepal. I have just trekked up through the Everest region and into Everest base camp this week.  This was my 20th time and my first trek since the Earthquakes in April and May.  The trail and all villages are safe and fine and people are ready to receive you back in the region.

Coming down the Namche hill

There is minimal damage to the trail and most repairs have been made.  We are raising money in support of Goli Village 30 miles South west of Lukla and will be running support treks there in 2016 if you would like to join. We have raised over $32,000 to date for the village of Goli and re-building has started.  Rebuilding one of the local school’s is the first project. Education is the key to Nepal’s future. I have seen amazing people come from the village of Goli, people who have come to be close friends of ours. They are amazing people and we know that there are more like them in Goli. We have to make sure the children and people of Goli have a chance to rise again and make sure opportunity exists for them and their future.

Some of our Sherpa team from Goli Village

The Everest trail from Lukla to Namche Bazaar has the most damage. Above Namche you wouldn’t really know an earthquake had hit the region. There are the usual landslide risk areas on the trail and we had to move quickly through these areas. As usual local guiding companies exposed their clients to these regions for lengthy periods.  I also get so frustrated watching clients leading on the trail, while local Nepalese (pretend) guides stand behind the clients and letting them set the pace at altitude. Not the way to help people acclimatize.

The trail to Everest

While most people were not making it past Dingbouche 4,410m/ 14,468ft. We marched the trail to Everest base camp in small numbers. This time of year is usually busy time on the trail and at certain points we had the trail to ourselves.

On route to Tengbouche

I just filmed the trail to Everest base camp post earthquake and will add it on you tube on my return in November. We are taking bookings for all upcoming trips so get in touch with us today and find out more about our quality lead treks in the Everest region.

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