Packing to Climb Cotopaxi

If you are thinking of climbing Cotopaxi in Ecuador, then this is what you should be packing to Climb Cotopaxi.  We have designed our itinerary to give you a full experience of the beauty of the region as well as the best chance to safely acclimatize for the Cotopaxi summit attempt. Our trips to Cotopaxi include a Quito city tour, the best hikes for acclimatization, fantastic hotels and lodges along the way as well as an adventure tour in Banos after the climb. Also, if you are interested in adding more climbing to your itinerary, and a more arduous adventure, you can add-on the climb of Chimborazo and/or Cayambe to your Cotopaxi Climb.

Packing for Cotopaxi

Ian Taylor Trekking have extensive experience managing trekking and mountaineering trips in Ecuador.  If you sign up to one of our trips, then we will send you our 30 page Dossier. The Dossier includes our itemized kit list for the trip.  Ian has climbed Everest and led over 150 expeditions above 17,000 feet, and he is available to help you be successful on Cotopaxi.  We know what it takes to run safe, enjoyable and successful expeditions in Ecuador. Learn more.  Follow us on Instagram.

On the way to the summit of Cotopaxi

Packing to Climb Cotopaxi

There are some items on the Cotopaxi packing list that you can NOT compromise on!  The main items that you definitely want to make sure you have the right option is your  mountaineering boots, quality gloves (must be water proof and warm), rain gear and warm exterior layer. Cotopaxi and the surrounding peaks can be wet, damp, warm, cold and windy on any given day.  You need to be prepared for all types of weather climbing Ecuador’s Volcanoes.  Depending on your personal preference there is a ton of great gear out there. In our Dossier, we give specific examples of gear we have used and trust!

Packing to Climb Cotopaxi

Weather on Cotopaxi

Traditionally, there are specific months when the weather is better to climb Cotopaxi.  The Equator passes through Ecuador, and Cotopaxi sits just south of it. The key is to avoid rainy season. There are a number of months for climbing Cotopaxi. Our favorite months are January, February, May, June, July, August, September, November and December. However, even though these are the best months, there will always be the chance of rainfall and high winds in any month!  So you must come prepared!


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We run over 10 group trips to Cotopaxi each year.  We only run trips in better weather months and have IFGMA guides leading all of our trips. Ian Taylor Trekking trips offer  you the highest level of safety and success. If you need further information on packing to climb Cotopaxi, then get in touch today at  We can help you learn more about our unique itinerary.

Training to Climb Cotopaxi
Climb Cotopaxi
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