Machu Picchu my Experience

My experience of Machu Picchu was mixed.  If you have always wanted to trek the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, do it with Ian Taylor Trekking. In 2010 I signed up to a 4-day Inca trail trek and it was very disappointing. Our team was let loose on the trail, learned nothing about the trail or Inca sites, guides were nowhere to be seen, food was poor and left the trip with mixed feelings.

The Return to Machu Picchu

In 2021, one of my best friends ask me to trek the Inca Trail, he said he has checked out this classic itinerary, a unique way to experience the Inca Trail. I really wasn’t interested but checked the itinerary for him and watch the YouTube video and I was inspired to go back.

Inca Trail Food

Skeptical About Going Back

I was very skeptical, so I decided to pick up the phone and ask questions. Ian answered the phone, and I was impressed with his knowledge, information, and passion for this itinerary. I was impressed with the work ITT were doing in Uganda, Tanzania and Nepal and after chatting with the local staff being how they were helping the people on the ground in Peru.

Dining tent on the Inca Trail

The Best Advice

The information document I received and information on the website was designed to help us be successful and well informed about the trip. On my previous experience we never received any information.

The famous Inca Trail


The Quality was Evident

From the moment we landed the service, staff, hotel were great. The difference in working with a professional trekking company verses a travel agent were worlds apart. The way the trek was managed was the opposite of my previous experience.

Ian Taylor Trekking chef

The Best Food

The food, campsite, and service were far superior. The guides and educational element were so important. I was blown away visiting Sayacmarca, Phyupatamarca and Wiñayhuayna. I never visited these places on the previous visit.

Ian Taylor Trekking Peru

What an Amazing Experience This Time

I have to say the trek was managed perfectly and having lunch and dinner included in Aguas Calientes, two visits to Machu Picchu, better class train, better hotels all included was great.

Food in Peru

Talk to Ian Taylor Trekking

I really enjoyed the trek and was like I did it for the first time. I will never trek with another team and have signed up to climb Kilimanjaro with ITT in 2023. Thank you all for a life changing experience on the Inca Trail and work you do. See you soon! Follow them on Instagram.

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