Kilimanjaro Over New Year!

I climbed Kilimanjaro Over New Year! What an incredible experience with the dream team and Kilimanjaro’s Number one Guide.

Asante Sana!

I wanted to reach out to tell you how impressed I have been with every part of your organization. I recently completed the Lemosho Route, and the trip was an adventure of a lifetime!

From the first emails that I sent, everyone in the office was responsive, kind, knowledgeable, and very patient with all my questions and clarifications. I had never been on a trip like this before – I am used to just strapping on a pack and heading out for a few days here in the States with minor logistical decisions (aside from 2 trips to the John Muir Trail with resupply issues and such).

Kilimanjaro – Trusting the Team

I was a little hesitant to put all my faith in other people, but you all went above and beyond to make sure that I knew and was prepared for everything.

When we landed in Tanzania, everyone on the crew was incredible. The kindness of every crew member that I met was apparent from the first greeting (they had me at Jambo). I don’t have every name, but every person on the trip from December 29th-Jan 6th was special. The people truly made the trip incredible.

Kilimanjaro Over New Year!

Our Guides

Athumani, Amani, Moses, and Eman were all amazing people. Some of my fondest memories are just walking on the trail and talking with them about their lives, books, philosophy and even how we like to fall asleep.

These men were so knowledgeable, patient, and kind. They were generous with their time and themselves. Eman and Amani, in particular, looked out for me, especially on some slippery sections. But also, I just enjoyed hanging back with them and talking.

Dining on Kilimanjaro

Food on Kilimanjaro

Our chefs made magic in a tiny tent. I was amazed with how every meal was unique and tasty. I bought their recipe book (but I have to admit I may be intimidated to try my hand at their wonderful soups.

The Service on Kilimanjaro

Some of our serving crew: Sky (the self proclaimed goat), Sheehan, Kennedy (the Remedy), Anthony, Ashraf and the rest were always ready for whatever we needed, but also would talk with us. We discussed Marvel movies, their upcoming New Years Party, and any other topic that came up. They are terrific young men.

On the summit of Kilimanjaro

Security on Kilimanjaro

Our security guys: Ally with his 3 sets of twins were always alert, but also friendly and I had some good conversations with them.

Our countless porters who cleaned up and set up without us ever seeing a thing were incredible in camp and on the trail as they moved incredibly over rough terrain. I don’t think I will ever sleep in a tent that is set up so perfectly again!

Kilimanjaro Over New Year!

Kilimanjaro is all About The People

Everyone I tell about the trip, I always open with the line: I went for the mountain, but the people are what made the trip amazing.

Join the Experts!

Thank you for all you do to run such a terrific organization. You have hired an impressive staff of wonderful people who made this trip the adventure of a lifetime. You can contact Ian Taylor Trekking here or join their Facebook group.

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