Join Ian on Mt. Vinson

We have an amazing opportunity to travel south to the bottom of the world in December 2019. Join Ian on Mt. Vinson 4,892m/ 16,049ft with a small team.  We have 3 spaces open. A small team will give everyone the best chance at success. Ian’s dream is to ski the full distance to the south Pole, that will have to wait!!  Ian also hopes to be apart of a team going to the North Pole in 2020.

This is certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity to climb one of the fabled 7 summits. Travelling to the bottom of the world to stand on the highest point in Antarctica,  in one of the world’s most extreme environments is bound to be a breath taking experience you will never forget.
In the extreme cold and ever changing environment in Antarctica you need to come prepared. Skiing, trekking or climbing in Antarctica brings a greater risk of frostbite and altitude related concerns. Having the right gear, kit and experience is necessary to join our climb in Antarctica. If you would like further information feel free to get in touch.
If you want to stand on the highest point in Antarctica and have one of those truly unique adventures. This is a trip you need to do. It is an expensive trip at over $50,000 but an experience that could change your life or help you on the road to the 7 summits.