Important Information About Trekking to Everest Base Camp

Here is some important information about trekking to Everest Base Camp and why you should not under estimate this trek. Ian has climbed Everest to the top and has led 35+ treks to Everest Base Camp. Over the years, we have developed an itinerary for our Everest Base camp Treks that gives our clients the best chance of safely and successfully reaching their goal.  Having three nights at the critical acclimatization stage of Namche Bazaar is just one way that our itinerary is far superior than others.

There are a few things to need to think about when you are preparing for your Everest Base Camp Trek. Making sure that you have the right itinerary, team, and also the right training and preparations are all essential to your success.  The best thing you can do is CONTACT US we have all the information you need to make this journey safely.

Pick the Right Itinerary

Going to high altitude is a challenging process, and it can not be taken lightly.  You need to make sure that you have the right acclimatization process in order to safely continue up the trail.  All research on high altitude suggests that you need to spend more time at the critical acclimatization point, lower on the trail, to be able to move higher safely.  On the Everest Base Camp Trek, this point is at Namche Bazaar at 3,450m/ 11,320 feet.  Because of this, we spend three nights here on our way up the trail!  Don’t be fooled by an itinerary with only one or even two nights at this critical height.

At Ian Taylor Trekking we are a world leader in leading treks to Everest. We have our own office in Kathmandu with our own full time staff. If you would like a free consultation, then CONTACT US and we can talk through the trip with you. All of our team members have done the trek to Everest Base Camp over 8 times, thus, we have all the RIGHT information for your trip.  READ MORE.

Views of Everest when Trekking to Everest Base Camp

Pick the Right Team

Ian Taylor Trekking is a leader in offering quality treks in the Everest Region.  We have been leading teams on the Base Camp trek for over 15 years.  Therefore, we have developed the best team on the ground, offering you the best services.  We have our own office in Kathmandu, with full time staff that run things on the ground.  This gives us a standard on our trips that does not waver.  As a highly respected company in the region, we are also able to get preferential treatment in the tea houses, with airlines and government agencies, all which help us to be able to offer the best services available.

GET IN TOUCH today to learn more about our team and how we run our trips to Everest Base Camp.

Stunning views from Shangbouche Hill near Namche Bazaar

Do the Right Training and Preparation

Once you have picked your itinerary and team to travel with, then you have to get to the hard work… start training for the trip!  The trek to Everest Base Camp is not to be under estimated.  It is a difficult trek, walking over twelve or thirteen days consecutively.  Therefore, you have to come with the right strength and conditioning in your body to be able to cope with the long, challenging days on the trail.

You can read more information on training and preparing for the Everest Base Camp Trek HERE.  We will help you get all the important information about trekking to Everest Base Camp.  If you join one of our trips, then we will send out a full 40+ page Dossier on the trip. This will have all of the relevant information you need.  Read some REVIEWS from our trips. We will help you fully prepare for your journey into the Everest region. Why not check out our upcoming trips to Everest Base Camp?

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