Ian Taylor interviewed March 2016

I think it is important to share experience and let people be challenged to go out and make a difference. I think it is important to share with people that they don’t need to be the smarted person, or the greatest at anything to be able to achieve goals and aspirations in life. I am always happy to share my experiences in the hope to inspire others and help them believe in themselves to achieve whatever they want for themselves and others. If you are interested listed to anĀ interview I did in March 2016.


I have been lucky to climb Mt. Everest, Kilimanjaro 19 times, lead 16 Everest Base Camp Treks. I have also been lucky enough climb many of the world’s greatest mountains and step out of my comfort zone many times and achieve great things for myself.

I hope you will be challenged to take on your life adventure and step out and attract the things you want to you. If you are interested in hearing more or having me come and speak at an event then drop me an E-MAIL. I have been speaking in the US for some time on belief, strategy and the idea that vision drives activity. Check out my speaking testimonials and see what people think about having me come to speak at their events.