Hiking v Trekking the Difference

Hiking v Trekking the difference. It is very simple. Hiking is going out for a day hike and returning home and short overnight trip. Trekking is where you undertake a more challenging multi-day adventure usually longer than a week. Hiking and trekking are two activities we love. If we could do this every day we would. The beauty of hiking leads you to trekking and trekking can lead you to bigger Expeditions. Hiking led me to Climb Mount Everest.

Get Out Hiking

I started hiking when I was 8 years old in Glendalough National Park, Co. Wicklow Ireland. My dad was from a small village near this National Park. As an 8-year-old, I will never forget looking at these mountains or hills as some people might call them. I always wondered what was on top. I eventually got my chance to stand on top of the mountain I was looked for 3 years. This set-in motion the desire to do more hiking, climbing and who’s know where it would lead.

We run treks and expeditions around the world and people think Kilimanjaro is just a hike. I would disagree. Kilimanjaro is a very challenging trek which requires serious training and preparation.

High Altitude on Mount Everest


Hiking is a relaxed activity with no specific goal in mind on a trail or path in nature. Hiking is an activity you can do in a day and return home. If you are hiking you are taking minimal gear, small daypack, raingear, water, snacks and light layers.


Trekking is a event, a journey of discovery and multi day, multi week or even longer activity. Trekking takes you into the wilderness, passing lakes, rivers, peaks for many hours at a time. Trekking has a set goal like trekking to Everest Base Camp, even sleeping there. On a trekking expedition you would need a larger backpack, more equipment, food, cooking equipment, shelter, medical and other important items. Trekking involves a long vigorous hike in wild natural environment for multiple days.

Hiking v Trekking the difference

13 Reasons Hiking is good for you

1). Walking reduces Glaucoma risk
2). Boosts Endorphins, easing stress, tension, anger, fatigue and confusion in ten minutes
3). Limits Sickness, Halving odds of catching a cold
4). Halves Alzheimer’s disease risk over 5 years
5). Improves Heart Health by increasing heart rate and circulation
6). Improves Blood pressure by five points
7). works arm and shoulder muscles
8). Engages ab muscles
9). Builds bone mass, reducing risk of Osteoporosis
10). Strengthens legs, including quadriceps, hip flexors and hamstrings
11). Burns more fat than jogging
12). Improves balance preventing falls
13). Limits Colon Cancer by 31% for women

Hiking and trekking Lower the risk of heart disease and improves your blood pressure Both Hiking and trekking are both amazing for your health! I encourage you to get outdoors and try it. It could change your life.

Hiking in Ireland

CDC Study

A study conducted by the CDC recommends that you walk at least an hour a day, five days a week. This reduces the risk of you having a stroke in half! Hiking and trekking regularly improves your heart and blood pressure, minimizing the chance of stroke. Keep that blood pumping!

Think About Your Health

Hiking and trekking do great things for your overall physical strength. Build up strength in your thighs, lower leg muscles, hip muscles and hamstrings. It also builds your endurance. Hiking and trekking are both weight-bearing exercises, which build up bone density. Trekking also boosts your core strength as you hike with a heavy backpack. Core stability is critical for trekking to manage all that up and downhill movement. The more hiking and trekking you do the more strength and endurance you will build.

Think About Your Mental Health

Hiking and trekking in a wilderness give focus and purpose. Setting your mind to a goal and reaching that goal builds confidence and mental strength and grow and develop. Hiking in nature decreases your level of stress. Get out hiking, it helps with depression and anxiety so get up go walking, take a hike, you decrease the stress on your body. If you have a friend suffering from anxiety, get them out hiking.

Get outdoors, get hiking and take your mind off the challenges you face. Exercise will give you a fresh perspective. Hiking and trekking can also make you more creative. Spending more time outdoors and soaking all the Vitamin D from the sunlight can improve your mindset.

Meeting Like Minded People

Why not join a walking or hiking club in your area. The benefits of joining others are you get to try out new trails, new areas to explore and learn new skills. You will meet likeminded people looking to explore, experience more and grow. Getting out hiking with others should motivate you to keep up this valuable activity. Join our Facebook group.

Lose Weight

Long hikes burn calories. Working your muscles for long periods of time help you lose weight, tone your body. I have watched hundreds of people start hiking lose weight, be inspired and take on massive life changing adventures. This could be you!

Trek With the Experts

If you want to get started hiking or trekking talk to us. Our team have years of experience and happy to help you pick the right trips and help you start your hiking and trekking journey. Our team have over 20 years of experience helping people achieve their goals in the mountains. Why not check out our upcoming trips. Ian Taylor Trekking leads around 150 treks and expeditions around the world each year. Follow us on Instagram.


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