Ian Taylor Trekking are proud to Support the Mt. Everest primary school in Uganda. After the recent earthquakes in Nepal we have decided to help support the Goli Village trust. The village of Goli sits in the lower Khumbu, Everest region on Nepal. Goli is 109km east of Kathmandu and was left in ruins after the recent earthquakes.

Experience Everest in a new way and support the people of Goli. We have a new support trek to the village and really see your fundraising money at work. You will hike up Pikey peak at 4,065m/   and be left memorized with world class views of Everest and many of the world’s highest mountains. Then return to the village and help the local people get back on their feet. Why not bring $2,000 with you and help directly on the ground in a remote village which see’s very few travelers.

We hope to send numerous teams trekking up to the village each year and changing lives in the Khumbu region like never before. These people need your help. They had very little to begin with, but lets support them and get them back to supporting their village, families and give them a chance to get back to their normal way of life.
Contact us to get involved and support this worthy cause, climb a peak, see Everest and enjoy this remote region of Nepal. Have fun, change lives and make a real difference.