Everest The Movie

I had the pleasure of watching the Everest movie this week. I was worried the movie would not accurately represent the mountain, hardship, danger and risks faced on Everest. I was impressed that they filmed in Kathmandu, Lukla, on the high bridge before the Namche hill, in Namche bazaar on route all the way through Everest region and into Everest base camp.

The remaining footage to show case the higher realm of the mountain was shot in London and Italy. The icefall, western cwm, Lhotse face South Col, and route up the south east ridge to the South summit, Hillary step and up to the summit was all filming in the Italian Alps.

I was really impressed with the footage they managed to use of the mountain. The movie showcases the Lhotse face, camp 4 on the South col, the summit pyramid really well. The footage on the knife edge ridge wasn’t great and the summit was off a little but most of the footage accurately depicts the mountain and all the key risk and danger areas we have to climb on Everest. As to the story,  we will never know.

Everest the movie is all about the 1996 Everest disaster  where 11 people lost their lives on Everest in one day. From watching the movie, it really explores the disaster from Rob Hall’s team, Beck Weather’s and Jon Krakauer’s perspective. There are elements of Anatoli Boukreev’s role in the disaster.

In my opinion, Scott Fisher comes across very poorly in the movie. If you want to have a better background to the movie, understand the characters and back story to the Everest movie. I highly recommend you read ‘The Climb’ by Anatoli Boukreev and ‘Into thin Air’ by Jon Krakauer before watching the movie.

The movie looks at a range of concerns on Mount Everest and touches on most of the major issues the mountain deals with each climbing season. I really enjoyed the movie and I think anyone can enjoy the story and journey up Mount Everest.

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