Everest the Biggest Mistake

Everest, the biggest mistake. I was just listening to Jon Krakauer speaking about Mount Everest being the biggest mistake of his life. Remember, this is his experience from a climb that was mismanaged, a lot of people died around him and his experience climbing high on Everest under extreme conditions and I agree with what he said. Our experience on Everest will dictate our feelings, emotions and connection to Mount Everest and how we view that long lasting experience.

Everest, the biggest mistake

Speaking from Experience

I can only speak from my experience and Everest changed my life and others around me for the better. You can ask everyone who has climbed Everest about their experience and you will possibly get a different answer from each person. Each person comes from a different set of circumstances, different countries, emotional intelligence, their history, their journey, type of people they are, climbing experience, experience on the mountain and their fears etc… all these and more lead each person to a different personal journey and experience of Everest.

Everest, the biggest mistake

When I Climbed Mount Everest

When I climbed Mount Everest. I had a great friend with me. We were climbing to raise money for the Mt. Everest primary school. I had great weather (most of the time) never felt any effects of Altitude. We had an excellent acclimatization schedule that worked really well for me. I had a wide range of climbing experience, I was well trained and I enjoyed the summit of Everest and got back down safely and my unique journey to Everest is still helping people in Uganda and other parts of the world. So I am glad I climbed Everest, but would never do it again.

Building hope in Nepal

The Risks are High

A guy died in the tent next to us, two people passed us on route to the summit and never came back. I sat beside bodies in the snow and witnessed the worst and best of people. I had some of the lowest moments in my life preparing for Everest. I put my life on hold for two years. I had 12 Euro in my bank account when I left for Everest. I put excess stress on my family and pushed the limits for a dream only I can really understand. These experiences have shaped me and changed me for the better.

Building Hope

In my case the pros outweighed the cons. I have watched the Mount Everest primary school grow from 80 to 240 students over the last 7 years. They now have professional teachers, kindergarten project, water drinking well, teachers accommodation and developing and growing. I am an ambassador for the charity Fields of Life. I get to speak around the world about my unique journey up Everest and challenge people in the mountains and in the work place. I have climbed Kilimanjaro 30 times, Island peak 15 times,led 30+ treks to Everest Base Camp and 6 of the 7 summits and blessed by the opportunity Everest and climbing have given me.

Be the Hope you Want to See in the World

Everest, the biggest mistake of Jon Krakauer’s life. While his experience on Everest was a terrible one. People should not jump on the negative Everest band wagon. While tragedy surrounds Everest: The loss of life, incidents, earthquakes, avalanches, risk and danger associated with Everest are what people focus on. Let us focus on the positive effect of climbing Everest and all the people who have climbed Everest for a cause. Everest has changed so many lives for the better and the positive effects reach right around the world. Join us trekking and climbing for a cause. GET IN TOUCH today and start your journey with us.

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