30th APRIL – 27th MAY 2016 8 SPACES OPEN ON HOLD!!
Climbing on Everest is a unique experience, reading all the books and watching all the documentaries, now you can really go there and experience the Ice fall, 60, 8 foot ladders, crumpling ice fields and walking through the famous western CWM and experience Everest first hand.
This trip takes you to 6,700m (22,000 feet) and high onto Everest to experience the world’s highest mountain. This is a 30 day trip which will take you from 9,000 feet at Lukla airport to 22,000 feet high on Everest. This trip is designed for people who want to experience Everest without spending $60,000 to get there. It is also designed for people who want to attempt a Summit but would like to build their experience. Experience is key when it comes to climbing Everest and this trip can give the experience and altitude gain that will tell you if Everest is for you or not.
Everest camp 2 climb leader will be announced closer to the time. We only have 8 spaces open every year for this climb. Pick up the phone and speak to Ian directly about this exciting adventure. It truly is an adventure of a lifetime. Also check out our Everest base camp treks.