Everest Base Camp Trekking Boots

Having the right trekking boots for your Everest Base Camp Trek is incredibly important!  If you have questions on your boot or any boot that you are considering to purchase for your trek with us, GET IN TOUCH and we can assist.

Trekking Boots for your Everest Trek

This is our list of the best trekking boots for your Everest Base Camp Trek.  You will be walking for 12 or 15 days on uneven terrain, up and down hills, during the trek.  If you have issues with the fit or fabric of your boots, you will be in trouble.  Taking care of your feet on a long distance trek like this is one of the most important pieces of kit you will purchase, so make sure you do your research and get the right boot for you.

Trekking boots for Everest Base Camp

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There are many different boots and brands out there at the moment.  Many of them are of a very high quality as well.  We are going to present six different trekking boots that we have personal experience with, so we know they will work.  However, if the boot that you like to use is not on this list, that does not mean it is a good option.

First of all, watch our trekking video.  Read some REVIEWS from our treks. CHECK OUT our upcoming treks to Everest. Read more advice for this trek.

1). La Sportiva Trango TRK GTX

In our opinion, La Sportiva TRK is an extremely well built trekking boot. Finding a boot that will last a long time, be comfortable, waterproof and have good support, is always our goal.  It has cushion in the right places, warmth, flexibility and good durability. It is an extremely reliable boot.

I have used this boot in the Everest Region, Manaslu and Annapurna regions of Nepal. I have also used it on Kilimanjaro.  This trekking boot combines secure support with comfortable flexibility, providing more stability on the heel zone. I really like the Vibram sole on this boot. It is engineered for improved grip and traction in a wide range of conditions.

Best trekking boots for Kilimanjaro


2). Meindl Vakuum

You could also consider using the Meindl Vakuum trekking boots.  These are a good option for Everest Base Camp treks and a wide range of trekking peaks and multi-day trekking adventures. These are a very popular boot and we see a lot of clients arriving to Nepal in this option.

They are an excellent choice for mixed rocky terrain and long distance hiking.  These boots will be with you for many miles as they are an extremely durable boot.  Also, this could be a good option for you if you feel the cold in your feet as they will be a warmer option.

The Best Trekking Boots For Everest Base Camp Trek

3). Salomon Quest 4 GTX

Another great option is the Salomon Quest 4 GTX Trekking boots. More and more people are using these trekking boots on a wide range of our trekking adventures in Nepal and around the world. They are comfortable, sturdy, waterproof and a very resilient trekking boot.  We would recommend these boots for Everest Base Camp, Kilimanjaro, Mount Elbrus, and a range of other treks.

Salomon Quest 4 GTX Boot for Everest Base Camp


4). Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX

Scarpa has come out with a new lighter weight option in the Zodiac. These boots are Gore-Tex, so a waterproof boot to keep you dry if you experience moisture on the trail.  They also have good ankle support and lacing system.

These boots, similar to the La Sportiva TXS, have a more rigid sole, which is ideal for the terrain on the trail to Everest Base Camp. Scarpa are always re-inventing trekking boots and if they fit your foot correctly, then they may be the right boot for you. They work great and last a long time.  We would also recommend these boots for a Kilimanjaro climb, Elbrus or the Inca Trail.


Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX Boot

5). Merrell Moab Mid 2 Waterproof

The Merrell Moab Mid 2 Waterproof Trekking Boot has been around for years and there is a good reason for that, they are a great boot!  These boots boast a waterproof membrane, good ankle support, comfortable and sturdy fit.

The Merrell boot may be the option for you if you have a slightly wider foot or need more room in your toe box.  This boot is a reliable and durable option that will be ideal for your Everest Base Camp Trek!  We would also recommend this boot for Kilimanjaro, Annapurna Base Camp or the Inca Trail.

Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Boot



6).  La Sportiva TXS GTX

This is a new boot from La Sportiva, that has replaced our beloved Trango Trek GTX.  We prefer a more rigid sole under foot and these boots do a great job. They are warm, lightweight and waterproof. Some of our Sherpa and Kilimanjaro guides wear these boots as well. Ian used these boots on four Kilimanjaro climbs this year along with three Everest Base Camp trips, and they are still in great condition for the same again next year. We would also use them training and on other treks in Nepal and South America.

Trekking Boots For Everest Base Camp

The Best Trekking Boots for your Everest Base Camp Trek

The boots we have listed above are not just good for your Everest Base Camp Trek.  We want to make sure that you get a boot that could work for a wide range of trekking or mountaineering treks.

Therefore, these boots would all be great for climbing Kilimanjaro and walking into Mera peakIsland peak, Elbrus, Aconcagua and any trekking trip that we offer.  All of these boots also come in Men’s or Women’s styles. Therefore, they should work for anyone coming on one of our Everest Base Camp trips!

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