Everest and Earthquake in Kathmamdu

Liza was a member of our recent Everest Base Camp and Island peak climb in April 2015. Liza was with me when the earthquake hit Kathmandu on the 25th April 2015. Click on the link below and listen to Liza’s thoughts on trekking, climbing, Everest and earthquake in Kathmandu.

Liza Avelino talking about her Journey to Nepal with Ian Taylor Trekking

My unforgettable first Himalayan experience with Ian Taylor Trekking.
As an avid hiker and have a taste for adventures, going to see the Himalayas and do some trekking and mountain climbing is one of my ultimate dreams, which I’ve finally realized this year.
I had been searching for a good and reliable trekking company, but seems like most of them have the same copy and paste programs. All look and sound superficial, as in there’s no soul to it. ( just the way I feel probably, but I trust my inner voice and its good judgements especially on big decisions like this). So the search continued for months, until I stumbled into Ian Taylor’s trekking company website on Facebook. ( the good side of Fb)
I’ve read his unique program by stressing out on having an extra days rest while other trekking companies make it into fast and shorter trips. Ian’s well detailed program about proper acclimatization, handy pre-training advice before the trip made me do the right decision to sign up for his EBC/Island Peak April 2015 expedition. He is not only concerned about your physical well being,  but also want to be sure that you will truly enjoy the experience and make the most of your time, money and effort for what I call a trek of a lifetime.
From the first day until the end of the trip, I was well taken care of by Ian, the Sherpa’s and porters. It was a fantastic crew made even more wonderful by the people who joined the team.  World class service, I must say!
Even during the unfortunate moments of the powerful earthquake that ravaged Nepal, Ian Taylor Trekking showed their professionalism by making sure all of us in the team are safe by providing us necessary support during those difficult times until we all safely left the country.
I experienced the high of realizing my dream of seeing the Himalayas and the low of not able to summit Island Peak and the traumatic experience of the earthquake, but the great and positive advice from Ian and crew give me so much hope and motivation to never give up on my dream and to try again next year. Yes, am coming back to the Himalayas with Ian Taylor Trekking!
A Few things I learned from this trip:
1. Never underestimate the mountains and its unpredictable weather
2. Train properly to become physically fit for long distance trekking
3. Bring the right gear and equipment
4. Listen to your guide’s advice
5. Eat your meals and drink plenty of water
6. Don’t rush,  pace yourself and walk slowly
7. Take time to look up here and there to enjoy the amazing scenery, and take loads of photos to keep in your memory box!