Dangerous Landslide Areas on the Everest Trail

There are some dangerous landslide areas on the trail to Everest Base Camp. A new bridge in the Everest Region and some updates to the trail over the years has limited some exposure to landslide risks, however there are still some risky areas.  Therefore, you always need to be aware of your surroundings when on the trek.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

There are real dangers that most people are not aware of on the Everest Base Camp trek. Here, we are going to share some pictures and locations where the risks are on the trail.On the trail from Phakding to Monjo

This picture is on the trail from Phakding to Monjo.  The government has been working to update this section and it has become much better of the past year.  They have put in fencing to try and help this part of the trail, however it is still a risky section.  Our staff will tell our teams before this section on the trail and have everyone move through it as quickly as possible.

Landslides are Extremely Dangerous

You will need to be aware of these areas and move through them as quickly as possible.  Therefore you will limit the risk to yourself and your group. You can see in the picture below, big boulders and loose sand and clay. This is a perfect mix of materials for a landslide.  Unfortunately, there have been a few deaths in the region due to landslides and the government is starting to improve those sections of trails, when possible. The picture below is again in the area near Phakding, early on the Everest Trail.

High risk landslide near Phakding

There are more than a few landslide areas, so always be aware of your position on the trail.  You can see in the picture below that if you were standing too close to the cliff side of this trail, you could easily cause the ground to move and slide down the cliff.  Always keep to the mountain side of the trail and avoid getting too close to drop-off areas.

landslide area on route from Tengbouche to Pangbouche

The pictures above and below are in an area that is 45 minutes down the trail from Tengbouche. You need to keep to the far right and mountain side of the trail and away from these over hanging areas. Read more about our top 11 tips while you are on the Everest Base Camp Trek.

Another Landslide area close to Tengbouche

As you can see this area above will fall away very soon. The ground is loose clay with big boulders in the ground. As the water from monsoon season gets in behind the rock, it becomes very loose and dangerous and the trail is at risk of disappearing in this location.

Updating the Trail

The area depicted in the photo below is about 45 minutes from the Village of Tengbouche. You drop down hill, past some housing on the right. You then come across an old bridge which was taken out by a landslide. This is your WARNING SIGN!! then you pass three dangerous landslide areas of the trail on the right hand side before crossing a small bridge to the left side of the river bank and move towards Pangbouche.

Dangerous landslide area on the Everest trek

UPDATE:  Because this extremely risky area became the site of many deaths and injuries over the years, the government has finally done something about it!  This is no longer the route through this section that you will take on the trek.  They have built a new suspension bridge that is used to bypass this section. After years of complaining about this section on the trail, finally something has been changed!

Very Dangerous area on the trail.

Risks Entering Everest Base Camp

Another area on the trail that has a lot of risk of landslides is just before you enter Everest Base Camp.  As you are following the glacier terrain into Everest Base Camp, you eventually have a section to cross that needs to be done quickly.  The picture below will show you the area. You might not perceive any risk here. However, we can assure you there is serious danger here.

landslide area outside Everest base camp

As you walk across glacial moraine and move through different sections of the Everest Base Camp Trail above Lobuche and Gorak Shep, there are risky areas.  Despite the excitement of entering Base camp, you still need to be very careful and aware of these risky areas.

Landslide area outside of Everest base camp

As you walk underneath this area above, you need to move fast. This and other areas like it are close to Everest Base Camp, between Gorak Shep and Base Camp.

Come up off the glacier at Everest Base Camp

The Final Landslide Entering Base Camp

As you walk down from the Everest Base Camp trail onto the glacier, you need to be very careful. You have to walk down and up this dangerous landslide area. Big boulders tower above you. From here you can see Everest Base Camp and therefore it is an area where people frequently stop to take pictures and view the Camp.  However, you really need to be very careful walking near and underneath this risky landslide area.

Get in Touch Today

Dangerous Landslide areas on the Everest trail need to be managed correctly.  Making sure that you have chosen to go on the trek with a safety conscious agency is very important.  Our guides have been trained to educate our clients on areas with risk and will be there throughout to assist you safely through these areas.  Hopefully this will make you more aware of the risks associated with landslides on the Base Camp trail. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at any stage.


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