Corona Virus and its Effect on our Upcoming Season in Nepal

Updated: 10th March 2022

There are some updates on testing to get into Nepal. If you are vaccinated you do not need a PCR test to get into Nepal.

Entry to Nepal 2022

Updated: 6th March 2022

We have a number of groups in Nepal at the moment. You do need to be vaccinated to travel in one of our groups. Here are the current requirements.

Entry to Nepal 2022

Updated: 10th January 2022

Right now Nepal is open with no quarantine for vaccinated travelers. You can get your visa on arrival in Kathmandu airport. There is a 10 day quarantine for unvaccinated travelers. For all our 2022 trips, we do require that everyone is vaccinated for Covid-19 and recommend getting your booster shot when it is your time. We start running trips again in February and available to answer any questions you may have. You need to be vaccinated to travel in one of our groups.

Updated: 25th September 2021

Nothing is easy. The day I am scheduled to fly to Nepal to quarantine, we get official word that vaccinated travelers do not need to quarantine on arrival in Kathmandu.  Although frustrating, good news for our staff and team on the ground in Nepal. We hope to be running a number of treks in Nepal in October, November and December. 90% of the Everest region over 18 is vaccinated so it is time to start moving forward. Contact for further information and get booked in.

Updated: 24th September 2021

There was an article in the Kathmandu Post that quarantine has been dropped for Vaccinated. This is good news, but we still need to wait for Nepalese government to officially make that announcement and make the appropriate changes to make these changes happen.

Entry to Nepal

Updated: 1st September 2021

Just so we are clear, there is a 7 day quarantine on arrival in Kathmandu, set by the Nepalese Government. We know companies are not following these rules. We will follow the countries guidelines. We require everyone to be vaccinated to join our trips and we will follow the countries guidelines. We will require a negative PCR test in Kathmandu for onward travel. It is great that 90% of the Khumbu region are vaccinated and we do not want to add to the spread of covid-19. If you would like further information on trekking in Nepal this season please call us. There are a lot of bad actors promoting all sorts of false information.

Updated: 26th July 2021

Nepal has a new prime minister as of last week. We expect the Nepalese Government and tourism authorities are reviewing current Covid protocols and entry requirements. We will like to see no quarantine for vaccinated travelers, we will know more over the coming weeks. If the 7 day quarantine remains in place for all visitors, we will need to know sooner rather than later if you still plan on travel. Based off science and current information we will require all travelers going to developing world countries to be vaccinated. It is also great to hear the USA has sent 1.5 million covid-19 vaccine does to Nepal.

Updated: 14th June 2021

It is great to see Covid cases in Nepal drop by 60% since the high in mid May. A lot of our staff have been vaccinated but Nepal have a long way to go to reaching 70% vaccinated for covid-19. We will be waiting until August for further information on entry requirements for September 2021 onwards. We will update this page once we have official information.

Updated: 1st May 2021

Our Season in Nepal is ending. With a 10 day quarantine for all visitors on arrival in Kathmandu it makes the remaining trips impossible to run. Even tough everyone was vaccinated we have to follow the rules. We will be back in Nepal in September. We encourage all our clients to get vaccinated for covid-19 as quickly as possible. The vaccine may be required to enter Nepal in the near future.

Updated: 28th April 2021

Possible 10 day quarantine on arrival for all visitors even vaccinated travelers. This could be the end of travel to Nepal in the pre monsoon season.

Updated: 20th April 2021

There are very few trekkers in the Everest region at the moment. In total, 13 people arrived in Namche yesterday. There are less than 150 climbers on Mount Everest. We have 2 small teams in the Everest region at the moment and 3 more groups heading to Nepal before the end of the season.

Nepal staff getting vaccinated

Updated: 8th April 2021

With quarantine in Kathmandu gone for vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers, anyone who can get to Kathmandu is welcome to join our treks in April and May. You still need a negative PCR test 72 hours before travel and then test again on arrival in Kathmandu. We still have some space available on our sleeping and EBC trek in May. There is also space on the trip Ian is leading in May 2021. We are also taking a lot of booking for our September to December trips in 2021. Some of our staff have received their vaccine in Kathmandu which is great. We hope this continues to roll out across Nepal in 2021. Get in touch if you need any further information.

Vaccine available in Kathmandu

Updated:  19th March 2021

Nepal has removed quarantine requirements for travelers who have taken both doses of Covid-19 vaccine.  Official word to follow in the coming days. The Tourism Minister, told the Kathmandu Post today that the decision to remove quarantine requirements for foreign tourists was taken by Thursday’s Cabinet meeting. The new guideline to visit Nepal will be implemented soon.

Last week, the Tourism Ministry had proposed removing quarantine requirements for travelers who have received both doses of the vaccine. Tourists coming to Nepal have to submit documentation or cards as proof that they have been vaccinated.

Unvaccinated travelers will still have quarantine for 7 days on arrival. More information to follow.

Vaccine available in Kathmandu

Updated:  18th March 2021

Nepal has pretty much been closed off for a year now. This has been challenging for everyone especially our local team on the ground. We want to thank everyone to donated more than $15,000 in support of our staff. Right now, a proposal has been sent to the council of ministers to remove the mandatory quarantine. The proposal recommends just a negative PCR test 72 hours before an International flight to Kathmandu. We will keep tracking this over the coming days.

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