Climbing Kilimanjaro for the 35th Time

My goal is to climb Kilimanjaro 50 times and hoping to make a difference doing it, LEARN MORE. I have worked with our head guide for the last 10 year and he was recently voted Kilimanjaro’s Number 1 Guide. He deserves all the credit.  He has worked hard to make it happen over the past 20 years of his career climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. He has helped develop our trips and company into a world class outfitter for climbing Kilimanjaro.

Too Many Rescues

It is sad to say we witnessed far too many rescues off the lower slopes and high on the mountain. Too many people are still picking trips with less days and this really limits your chances of success. Don’t be fooled by cheap operators and do not look after their staff and they do not offer a safe service with guides who understand how an expedition should be run. In my opinion you need a minimum of 8 days on the mountain and using Kosovo Camp at 4,880m/ 16,008 feet gives you the best launching pad for your summit attempt.

Lack of Physical Preparation

I have never seen so many people struggling as they walked past us on the mountain. The lack of physical preparation from some people still shocks me on Kilimanjaro. On the summit night there were a lot of people who were stumbling down the mountain being helped which always annoys me and makes me determined to keeping writing about this online. Kilimanjaro summit night is a serious endeavor up and down and you need to be getting in the specific training prior to arriving. Going to high altitude brings risks so you need to be fully prepared and pick an itinerary with more acclimatization and safety in place. LEARN MORE.

Stepping up to the Mark

I am so proud of our staff who have recently moved from kitchen crew to tent crew to servers and now guides. Every one of our team on the ground are working hard to move up the ranks and it is great to see our staff using their own initiative to develop and grow and aspire to be the very best team on Mount Kilimanjaro.

More People are Picking Ian Taylor Trekking

We have over 30 trips including a wide range of private teams joining us this year and growing very quickly. Our staff understand that excellent service, safety and quality run trips leads to sustainable growth. Cutting corners is not the way to run professional trekking trips on Kilimanjaro and does invest properly in the local people, culture or economy.

Climbing Kilimanjaro for the First Time

I remember the first time I ventured to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, knowing very little about altitude, acclimatization, strength and endurance training. The company I used advised a 6 day climb including a sleeping in the crater night (NOT A GOOD IDEA). We were given very little information prior to the trip, training advice was to get out an walk on mixed rocky terrain. Vague at best. When we arrived in Kilimanjaro International Airport, we were met by a shifty guy who brought us to a basic hotel, the guide showed up late, drunk and provided very little information. The pace on the mountain was way too fast we were sitting in a leaking tent served the same food most days, low crappy seats and the guide paid no attention to our safety and he was not very interested in us or the mountain. He was keen to move on the next company for his next climb. I got very sick below the Lava Tower at 4,500m/ 14,764 feet and struggled my way into camp in Baranco 3,900m/ 12,795 feet we then moved directly to Barafu camp 4,673m/ 15,331 feet and then struggled to the summit and all the way back to the gate in one day so they could save money on the trip. A shocking way to manage any group for a once in a lifetime mountain experience.

Learning From Mistakes

After having this terrible experience on Kilimanjaro, I decided that there was a better way to manage trips to Kilimanjaro and started to develop a plan to build a team that works together, has the opportunity to develop and grow, gain access to education, guiding schools, loans, better positions, set up local business and grow as a family working together to a better future.

We are by no means there yet, but we are well on our way in developing a very solid team on Kilimanjaro. Since we started running trips, we have overcome challenges but working with the same team for each trip in steadily coming to fruition. We will always improve our service and I can say proudly that we offer one of the best services on Kilimanjaro getting 100% on most of our climbs. Read some REVIEWS.

Top 50 Tips

We have developed our TOP 10 TIPS and our TOP 50 TIPS for climbing Kilimanjaro, but I can tell you after climbing Kilimanjaro over 35 times that there are two keys to success. Pick an itinerary with a minimum of 8 days and you need to have excellent physical strength and conditioning for steep mountain walking up and down hill.

Climb Kilimanjaro With The Dream Team

If you are considering climbing Kilimanjaro, why not consider joining our team based in Arusha for your Kilimanjaro climb. We have the best guides, chefs, tent crew, portable toilet crew, servers, security staff and we have bigger tents for your comfort, better seating, safety, oxygen, the best food available on Kilimanjaro. We do cut corners and we can guarantee an amazing experience climbing Kilimanjaro with Ian Taylor Trekking. CONTACT US and learn more about our service, available dates and we are available 5 days a week to answer any questions you may have.

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