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We have a great place for you to buy Cotopaxi Images. We have been trekking and climbing in Ecuador for years and have developed a friendship with an amazing person and photographer who is based near Cotopaxi and helps manage the Cotopaxipungo lodge where we stay on all our trips.

Trekking and Climbing in Ecuador

I am just back from Ecuador trekking Pasochoa, Ruminahui and up to 5,000m/ 16,404 feet on Cotopaxi. We also climbed Cayambe and Chimborazo on this exciting adventure. It was great to connect with all our guides, friends and contacts on the ground and rumors are floating around that Cotopaxi will reopen to climbing soon.

Buy Cotopaxi Images at Cotopaxipungo Hotel

It is always our great pleasure to visit and experience the exquisite service at Cotopaxipungo hotel. This is where our friend Juan Carlos lives, explores, and executes his passion and love for the mountains and photography.

The Photographer

Juan Carlos Rios Palacio was born on June 4, 1973. Juan Carlos embodies the idea that life is a series of ever-changing adventures. Brought up amidst different cities and cultures, as the second of three siblings with two sisters, his childhood was woven with threads of curiosity and movement.

This unique blend of geographic environments laid the groundwork for a life steeped in adaptability and openness.

From Colombia to Ecuador

Juan Carlos’s childhood was an odyssey of change and growth. His family moved from Medellin to Bogota, in Colombia and then to Quito in Ecuador. This rhythm of life taught him the importance of adjusting, gave him an innate ability to connect with people from diverse cultures, and allowed him to discover deep passions. From an early age, his active and curious nature led him to fall in love with sports and photography.

The Journey

As he progressed, Juan Carlos delved into his education, turning the diversity of his experiences into an advantage. While navigating school years between Bogota and Medellin, his passion for photography grew, fueled by mentorship from his father, a commercial engineer who nurtured his appreciation for nature and landscape. The camera became an extension of his vision, capturing the beauty and meaning in everything he saw.

Finding Passion

His educational journey was a tapestry of self-taught learning and constant practice. With a spirit of determination, Juan Carlos acquired technical and artistic skills that nurtured his calling. Encounters with significant projects were inevitable. From updating Ecuador’s tourist registry in 1997 to contributing to conservation initiatives like the Harpy Eagle Conservation Program, his lens captured the essence of wildlife and the need to preserve it.

Juan Carlos’s professional journey transcended mere photography. The images he captured were more than snapshots; they were ethical testimonies to the beauty of the natural world. Over time, his work was recognized for its contribution to conservation and environmental education. Today, in the mountains of Ecuador, he manages a hotel that blends hospitality with respect for the surrounding nature.

A Passion for Natural Beauty

Behind every lens is a mind and a heart, and Juan Carlos is a man of many passions. His love for music and drawing feeds his creativity, while crafting artisanal knives and exploring wildlife is a way to connect with the very essence of life. Through his travels across Colombia, Ecuador, and beyond, he has discovered a universal truth: humanity and nature are intricately intertwined.

A Vision of the Future

In his vision of the future, Juan Carlos Rios Palacio yearns for a world where people recognize their power to positively impact their surroundings. His legacy is not just in his achievements but in the seed of ethics and perseverance he plants in his son.

While many may serve as role models, he navigates by himself, proving that everyone carries the potential to be the inspiration they seek. In his words, “an ethical witness of the present,” Juan Carlos personifies a life dedicated to documenting life in its purest form. His camera is an extension of his being, a vehicle to share the beauty and fragility of the world.

In every photo, in every word, lies the legacy of a traveler, a conservationist, and a father who seeks to honor life in all its magnificence. With each capture, with every step forward, Juan Carlos Rios Palacio continues to weave his story.

His biography is a reminder that passion and perseverance can shape a powerful legacy, one that transcends time and leaves an indelible mark on the heart of humanity.”

Contact Juan Carlos

Why not buy Cotopaxi Images from Juan Carlos. CLICK HERE to view his work and maybe support his passion and purchase some unique Cotopaxi images. We love Juan Carlos, he has an amazing ability to put others first and we are drawn to his passion and love for this region of Ecuador. I hope you can support his work and help him continue to grow.

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