A view from Everest

Looking off the summit of Mount Everest

I set out with a friend of mine in 2007 to climb four mountains on four continents in one year and raise enough money to build the Mt. Everest Primary school in Uganda.
We achieved both goals and I became the youngest Irishman to summit Everest at the time. It was an adventure that gave me the confidence I needed to show I have something to offer to the world. I also took on the challenge of filming the adventure and successfully released our Everest documentary ‘A Summit Calling’

Working the right people is so important

Building the right team, knowledge, experience and having the vision and passion to achieve our goals was not easy, but by setting clear defined roles, set targets and having constant evaluation was key to our success and gave me a view from Everest I will never forget.
Believe it or not we were having fun, having trust in my teams mate and the vision we were following made all the difference. We learned how to prepare from professionals, we implemented the training, we explored our weaknesses and developed our strengths and ultimately achieved everything we set out to do.

Trekking and hiking around the world

I now lead people to achieve their goals in the mountains running my own trekking company www.iantaylortrekking.com also speaking to teams, companies and people about how to achieve their goals.
I have years of experience in managing teams in a business environment and bulding teams for mountain expeditions. Bringing people to grow, explore potential and achieve their goals is a dream come true. I was told many times I wasn’t good enough, but now I know better than that. ┬áThe school we built in Uganda with charity Fields of Life, climbing mountains, believing I can be better and be better for other people add real value to everything I do. Climbing Everest changed my life for the better and continue for strive to help others.
For more information on speaking engagements, and trekking adventures get in touch: ian@iantaylortrekking.com
Climbing High on Mount Everest
Training to Climb Mount Everest
Trekking to Everest Base Camp with Ian Taylor Trekking