A Unique Everest Trek Led by Remy Kloos

Trekking to Mount Everest is a once in a lifetime experience. Why not add two unique elements to your Everest Base Camp Trek. Firstly, in March 2024 you can Trek with an Everest summiteer. We have a Unique Everest Trek Led by Remy Kloos. Secondly, raise funds for a worthy Avela Foundation.

A Unique EBC Trek Led by Remy Kloos

Remy Kloos was the first South African to summit Mount Everest and Mount Lhotse
back-to-back, and the first South African woman to summit Mount Lhotse.

Join us on a transformative journey to Everest Base Camp, where the grandeur of the Himalayas is more than a mere backdrop it’s a living entity that will touch your soul and awaken your senses.

Together, we’ll embrace the magic of these mountains, breathe in the powerful energy that courses through their veins, and become part of the timeless tale that the Himalayas whisper to those who listen. –  Remy Kloos

A unique trek to Mount Everest.

Some Fun Trek Highlights

Remy will hold an exclusive Everest- Lhotse presentation at Namche Bazaar, with imagery that will leave you breathless. The team will also get the very rare opportunity to have lunch at Everest Base Camp and experience a walk on the lower glacier that feeds into the infamous Khumbu icefall!

The team will also have access to Remy’s guidance before starting this awe-inspiring adventure, through the means of a dedicated WhatsApp group. Remy will also be capturing some photographic moments of the team throughout the trek, and she will be sharing these with the group.

We are doing this to raise funds for the Avela Foundation’s Umatter PROGRAMME!
The Avela Foundation is a South African non-profit organization that is committed in helping children with burns injuries on their road to physical and psychological recovery.

A unique trek to Mount Everest

Avela Foundation

Our foundation was inspired by a brave young girl named Avela, who showed tremendous courage in the face of adversity. Children are magnificent, vibrant, and full of life. Sometimes life doesn’t treat them kindly and that’s when we come in—by giving them hope through love and support. – Cami Palomo, Founder of the Avela Foundation 

Trek into Everest Base Camp

More on Remy

Remy’s journey has been one of navigating mental health battles, reaching rock bottom, discovering the Mountains, breaking down stereotypes and defying all odds. Remy will be telling her personal Everest journey and stories, imparting knowledge and wisdom as well as share all the life- defining lessons learnt along the way.

“At the end of the day, the summit is for the ego, but the journey, the journey is for the soul. And it’s that soul food in life that makes everything worthwhile” – Remy.

Join us and hear what it takes to climb the highest mountain in the world! According to Remy “Our gender does not define us.

Our age does not define us. Our adversities do not define us. It’s never
too late to discover our crazy bold dreams and decide to chase them! Let’s push the boundaries defined by societal ‘rules’ and show up bringing our own unfiltered uniqueness to create greater happiness, meaning and impact in the world.”

A Unique EBC Trek Led by Remy Kloos

Get Signed Up

You can contact Cami at the Avela Foundation or Remy for further information. You can also check out our TOP 50 TIPS for trekking to Everest Base Camp.


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