After spending months doing long and slow trainnig sessions training for your expedition, some of you will be climbing in the Himalayas, South America or North America you need to add anything and everything to your training with 30 days to go. You have slowly built up your training over months so you don’t get injured. It’s time to set it up.
Four weeks before: You spent months in the base phase of training and then months in build phase adding more distance, weight and time. Time to start ramping it up, more, more and more, adding a mixture of Intervals and high intensity training, you are now in your peak phase of training. You gain most of your fitness in this period. Using you heart rate monitor you can push that lactic thresh hold, you are now driving your fitness through the roof. Your jogging speed and time spent can be increased, do intervals on a track, treadmill or hill, whatever you can get your body on.

Three weeks before: Add more Interval training sessions to every training session and double your Cardio training, keep up your long session in the hills up (if you have hills). Spin classes are great, this training can also be done on the treadmill, bike and other cardio equipment. If you are jogging 30 minutes at 30 more and get those interval sessions in.

Two weeks before: No more long hill walking sessions. You focus on all interval training along with double the 30 mins on the bike to 60 mins. Up your intake of fluids and make sure you eat protein within 30 minutes of finishing your workouts.
One week before: You want to push as hard as you can and pushing the high heart rates. (follow your fitness program) you should be tired, so 3 days before you fly out stop everything, rest, relax and drink as much fluid as you can, relax the body as much as possible and get your gear checked and double checked. Let’s go!!