10 Reasons to Pick Ian Taylor Trekking for your Mera Peak Trip

Here are 10 reasons to pick Ian Taylor Trekking for your Mera Peak trip. We have led hundreds of people to the summit of Mera Peak at 21,246 feet.  We are selling out of our Mera Peak climbs well in advance because of our unique itinerary and acclimatization. We have success rates second to none. Read some Reviews from our trips.

1). Our Team

Ian Taylor Trekking have 3 guides for every group of 10 climbers. We have a maximum of 10 climbers per team along with our support team so we can carry ropes and mountaineering equipment high on the mountain. Safety is our priority on Mera Peak. We want to make sure all of our teams have the best chance at safely reaching their goal. With more staff on the trail with your team, they will be able to more efficiently manage your safety on the trail and mountain and also give you a better experience along the way. We also have a western guide on all our Mera Peak trips.

We do not outsource any of our trips in Nepal and we have our own office in Kathmandu and our own staff who manage all of our trips. Therefore, this gives us far more consistency in our service on the ground. We have great climbing Sherpa’s working with us for eight years and therefore, this helps us offer you quality trips to Mera Peak.

10 Reasons to Pick Ian Taylor Trekking for your Mera Peak Trip

2). Supporting the Community

We continue to support the local community and have helped to establish the Goli Village Trust in Nepal. This was put into place after the earthquake in 2015, when the Village where many of our staff have come from was devastated. We have built four schools in the Goli region and we have placed stoves in over 200 homes. We do need donations and help, therefore if you would like to donate, set up a trek to the village, give funds, clothes or school items, then get in touch. Please let us know and we can help you figure out how you can best help!

Above Chalem Kharka

3). Quality Run Trips

We run only run quality treks with more staff, better lodges and better food. Read some REVIEWS from our trips.  A lot of times people are only given the same food each day for every meal, and we don’t do this. You are allowed to pick what you eat for each meal in all the lodges we stay in. Our team will cook healthy meals for the rest of the trip and high on Mera Peak. We pay our staff correctly and do not over load them with weight.  We do not cut corners on any aspects of our treks or climbs.

Mera Peak from Khote

4). Expert Training Advice

We offer personal service with training advice for our clients, 5 days a week. A lot of people underestimate acclimatization, the trek into Khare, along with the challenge of extreme altitude on Mera Peak. We do not want to see this happen with our clients. Therefore, we want to make sure that you have the best information on how to complete this trek and climb safely and successfully. Learn more. The summit night and day alone can be 10 hours with cold and harsh conditions high on the mountain.  We run courses in Colorado and Scotland in support of our Mera Peak climbs.

There are some long 8+ hour days, covering over 18km on this trip. There are also some days with over 700m/ 2,296 feet of up and down hill on steps or stairs while on the trail. We have professional training advice available to you 5 days a week. All you have to do is e-mail us and we can schedule calls with you as often as needed once you sign up to our trips.

The mighty Mera Peak

5). More Acclimatization

After a decade of experience we know trip safety requires more time to acclimatize to the lower levels of oxygen, in order to reach 21,246 feet. We know that excellent acclimatization is the key ingredient to a safe and successful trip to high and extreme altitude. Our itinerary has eight days trekking up to 4,950m/ 16,240 feet. Then we have three nights at this elevation for additional mountaineering training and acclimatization. We then have an additional two nights at Mera Peak Base Camp 5,350m/ 17,552 feet before moving to Mera Peak High Camp at 5,800m/ 19,028 feet.

This will help to give your body the time it needs to acclimatize correctly. Most companies are not doing this and we have seen over the years that it is a main factor in why more people on our trips are making it safely to the summit of Mera Peak!

Acclimatization above Khare

6). Climb with a Western Guide

All of our Mera Peak Expeditions are led by a western guide. You can walk through the region with someone who has extensive experience in the mountains lead groups to a safe and successful experiences.  If you book far enough in advance, you will be apart of a professionally led trip on our unique itinerary. We also have satellite communication on all our trips so guides can access weather updates and react in emergency situations.

All of our guides hold current Wilderness First Aid Certificates and mountaineering guiding qualifications. Also, our guides will carry satellite and local phones with them .in case of an emergency. All our guide have led many trips on Island peak, Mera Peak, Lobuche, Tent Peak, Everest North Col, Cho Oyu, Ama Dablam and Mount Everest and so many more. Read some Reviews from our Mera Peak trips and get in touch for further information.

Loving the Himalaya's

7). 25 Years Experience

We have years of experience managing teams on the ground in Nepal. Our head Climbing guide Ang Kami Sherpa has climbed Mera Peak over 100 times and climbed Mount Everest numerous times, Island Peak over 200 times, Aconcagua along with, many other peaks. He is from Goli village and helped built the first school we built in the region. We have other Climbing Sherpa’s Pasang Lima and Ong Chu Sherpa who help manage our Mera Peak teams. We also have Lhapka Sherpa who has climbed Everest numbers times, Manaslu 17 times, K2 twice and 10 of the highest mountains in the world.

On our Mera Peak climbs, we use quality, North Face Tents. We use these tents on all our trekking and mountaineering itineraries in Nepal.  All our mountaineering gear is stored in Lukla and we carry it into Mera Peak each season. Our own cook Dilip or Karma will trek with the team to Mera peak. Our porters and support staff carry all equipment up to Mera Peak High Camp.

Heading back to Khare

8). Four Star Hotel in Kathmandu

We include two nights in a four star hotel in Kathmandu. One night before your trip and one night after the trip. All of our trips are on a shared basis, but if you prefer a single room, this can be offered at an additional cost. We use the Buddy hotel and Spa in Thamel, which is the main tourist district of the city. You can also upgrade to 5 star hotel option if you like, just ask us for further information.

The Summit of Mera Peak 2014

9). Small Group Sizes

We only work with small group sizes. The maximum number of people per team trekking to and climbing Mera Peak will be 10 people. Some of our groups are even less people with only 6 or 8 team members. This will therefore give you are more personalized experience on our unique trek into Khare and Mera Peak. You can move as a team and experience more of this world class trail in a smaller groups.

10). More Summit Attempts

We have more days for summit attempts. Three in total if needed. We have two nights in Mera Peak Base Camp this can be shortened to one night if there is a better weather window for a summit attempt. Additionally four nights can be spent in Khare, then move to Mera Peak Base Camp, then High Camp before a summit attempt. The itinerary is developed with this in mind so the guides can manage the team, safety and summit attempts while having good options. You may need this flexibility.

On the summit of Mera Peak

Contact the Experts

Check out our unique Mera Peak Itinerary Contact us for further information on service and set up for Mera Peak.  Read some reviews and book early to secure your space on this trip of a lifetime! Be informed and be ready for one of the great Himalayan experiences.

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