10 Reasons to Pick Ian Taylor Trekking for your Aconcagua Climb

Here are 10 reasons to pick Ian Taylor Trekking for your Aconcagua Climb. We have been running premium level trips to Aconcagua since 2006. We work with a highly qualified local team with major logistics in place so we can offer you the best possible service. Aconcagua can be a harsh and challenging environment so we designed an itinerary and service for maximum comfort, safety and success. Read some REVIEWS from our trips.


1). Highly Experienced Guides

Our mountain guides are qualified professionals of the Argentinean Association of Mountain Guides and school of High Mountain and Trekking Guides. The last qualification is a result of 3 years of Studying. We believe that to succeed in our expeditions, professionals with experience and the ability to offer security should guide our teams. Their equipment includes: VHF radio, Satellite phone, a first aid kit, complete with the appropriate drugs for altitude sickness, ropes, an altimeter, and professional clothing and equipment. All will provide security and comfort.

All of our guides hold professional mountaineering qualifications and wilderness First Aid Certificates. They are able to get you the help you need in case of an emergency. Also, our guides have continuous access to Base Camp and Head Office. We want to make sure all of our teams have the best chance at safely reaching their goal. With more guides with your team, they will be able to more efficiently manage your safety on the mountain and also give you a better experience along the way.

Aconcagua Mountain

2). Expert Training Advice

We offer personal service with training advice for our clients, 5 days a week. A lot of people underestimate the physical preparation needed for Mount Elbrus. If you decide to climb on the northern side there is minimal safety in place, no helicopters and no snow cats. Therefore, we use the southern side of Mount Elbrus for our final ascent. This offers you better safety and success.

We want to make sure that you have the best information on how to complete this adventure safely and successfully. There are some long 8+ hour days, with over 1,000m/ 3,280 feet of up and down hills on steep terrain while on the trail and mountain. We have professional training advice available to you 5 days a week. All you have to do is e-mail us and we can schedule a call. Read more. We also provide you with a 40 page Aconcagua Dossier with a lot more information on how to prepare for the trip.

Near Aconcagua Base Camp

3). Climb with an Everest Summiteer

Why not sign up to one of the trips that Ian personally leads.  You can climb Aconcagua with someone who not only has reached the top of Mount Everest! but who has been on 7 Aconcagua Expeditions.  Ian usually leads one Aconcagua trip every other year with 14 spaces open. You will need to book far enough in advance for these trips. Sign up and get access to Ian today. Read Ian’s Top 20 Tips for climbing Aconcagua.

Ian Taylor Trekking food on Aconcagua

4). 20 Years of High Altitude Experience at Your Service

We have years of experience managing teams on the ground in Argentina and around the world. Ian has led over 150 expeditions above 17,000 feet. Our head guides have been at the forefront of setting the standard on Aconcagua for the last 20 years. Our team is well connected on the ground with access to all the key organization and authorities. All our other guides are highly qualified in a range of mountaineering disciplines. We always have 1 guide for every 3/4 clients high on the mountain.

Dining tent on Aconcagua

5). Quality Hotel, Service, Tents, Food and Equipment

In Mendoza we use the Diplomat Hotel. This hotel is centrally located.  On the mountain we mostly use North Face VE 25 tents or Mountain Hardwear tents. These tents are tried and tested at high and extreme altitude. They have plenty of space for two people and the highest quality tents for mountain travel.  We do have the option for a single tent for an additional fee for the trek in and Base Camp portion of this trip. For Safety reasons we like to have two people to a tent high on the mountain.

We have chefs in both Base Camps serving high quality food daily on Aconcagua Expedition. There is access to showers, Wi-Fi, fruit, tea’s and snacks throughout the day. You can also charge phones and batteries in our dining tent.

Walking to our dining tent

6). Our Itinerary

Feel free to review our Aconcagua Itinerary and we are happy to explain why we prefer the Vacas Valley route over the boring normal route for climbing Aconcagua. The Vacas valley offers a more interesting trek into Aconcagua. There are less people on this side of the mountain and traversing the mountain is far more interesting for our groups. Camp 1 and Camp 2 are in more beautiful setting than anything on the normal route up Aconcagua.  It is more expensive but worth it to have less people or more interested scenery.

Penitentes ice pinnacles

7). All Inclusive Packages

We will pick you up from the airport and bring you to the Diplomat Hotel in Mendoza. Our staff will collect your permit fee and process the permit so you do not have to go and wait at the permitting office. All transport will be in high quality private vehicles. All of our trips include four nights when you can make a summit attempt. This is important to give the team the best chance at the summit.

On the mountain we service two course meals each day on the mountain. Therefore, you do not have to worry about bringing extra food. We have professional chefs in Base Camp on either side of the mountain. We can guarantee quality food throughout the trek because we fury fresh food into our campsites and Base Camps.

Summit day on Aconcagua

9). Small Group Sizes

We only work with small group sizes. The maximum number of people per team will be 12 people. Some of our groups are even less people with only 6 or 8 team members. We also run private groups to Aconcagua. This will therefore give you are more personalized experience on Aconcagua. We recommend this trip in the shoulder season as there can be too many people on the mountain.

We believe the journey is far more valuable than the destination. Building a team throughout our program so you can acclimatize well and experience the best of  this region of the world.  Our guides will monitor your heart rate and oxygen saturation morning and night to make sure you are acclimatizing correctly to the lack of oxygen.

The Canaleta on Aconcagua

10). Work with the Experts

Climbing Aconcagua is no easy task and you need the team, support and experience with you and behind you prior to your trip and on the mountain. Contact us for more information on our unique itinerary that we have tried and tested over many years. Read some REVIEWS and book early to secure your space on this trip of a lifetime!


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We know exactly what it takes to be safe and successful on Aconcagua. You will have years of experience available to you as you prepare for this challenging Expedition. Pick up the phone or e-mail us today for further information.

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