Additional information for our Mt. Elbrus Climb

Over the last 10 years we have tried and tested our itinerary and developed a new itinerary that gives this highest rates of success. To give you the best experience and chance at reaching the summit you need to pick this itinerary. We only run the 12 day program on Mount Elbrus, from our experience the more time spent acclimatizing to the lack of oxygen is the only way to get the required result in the mountains. This is a big investment so you need to give yourself the best chance at making the summit of Elbrus.

Be aware of the Political Challenges

Climbing in the Caucasus can be disturbed due to weather and or the complex political issues in the region.  We review running these trips from year to year. It is wise to check in with us first before you decide to travel to this region. Our climbing season is June/ July/ August and September each year. So planning this trip well in advance would is advised.

Do not underestimate what it takes to Climb Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus and the Caucasus mountain range attracts, skiers, climbers, snowboarders, mountaineers and peak baggers looking to knock off Europe’s highest peak and climb one of the seven summits. Excellent physical conditioning is needed for the ascent of Mount Elbrus. You will also need to be used to camping and be ready for tent living for 6 or 8 nights. Your camp craft needs to be up to speed as you need to be as comfortable as possible while in a mountain environment. You will also be carrying a pack of 7kg/15lbs to10kg/22lbs so you need to be trained and ready for success.

Mount Elbrus can present some very harsh conditions

Mount Elbrus has been known to dish out some nasty weather conditions. You could be dealt temperatures of – 20 c at 5,500m/ 18,500 feet and potentially high winds and deep snow. All in all, Mount Elbrus is not to be underestimated, harsh weather conditions, carrying heavy packs on multiple days and adding in altitude this is a challenging peak.

Join the experts on Mount Elbrus

Check out our TOP 10 TIPS for climbing Mount Elbrus. We need a minimum group size of 6 people to run a trip, we also require everyone to have basic mountaineering knowledge.You should have climbed Kilimanjaro first and we advise climbing in the Alps, or Scottish Winter skills courses before trying to undertake the challenge of climbing Elbrus. Please CONTACT US for more additional information for our Mount Elbrus climb.