What are the elevation gains on your Kilimanjaro climb

What are the elevation gains on your Kilimanjaro climb ? This will depend on your route up and down Kilimanjaro and how many days you decide to make your climb. After putting over 1,000 people in the summit of Kilimanjaro we really only use the Lemosho route over 8 days on the mountain so we will show you the elevation gains on this route. if you chose less days you are going to see far higher jumps in altitude which will be far more challenging.

Day 1: Arusha, the gateway to safari and Kilimanjaro

You will arrive into Kilimanjaro international airport and you transfer to your hotel Arusha. You might not think it but you already started your acclimatization on your flight. The cabin pressure on your flight would normally be set around 2,000m/ 6,561 feet. You will continue your acclimatization in Arusha as it sits at 1,400m/ 4,593 feet. At this elevation there is 12% less oxygen than at sea level. You can always come in early, recover from jet lag, time zone changes and gain extra acclimatization for the climb. We have people joining our climbs from around the world so it is important so make sure you are rested and well hydrated before you start the climb.

Day 2: 3 hour drive to the Londrossi date and 3 hours hiking

You will be up early for breakfast as you will be leave at 8am for the 3 hour drive to the Londrossi gate which sits at 2,250m/ 7,381 feet. On our climbs you will have a full 3 course meal for lunch at the gate before you get back into the vehicle for 40 minute drive to the start of the trail. The start of the trail is at 2,300m/ 7,545 feet. After for trekking for 3 hours you will reach big tree camp at 2,800m/ 9,186 feet. You are now at high altitude. You will hiking up 500m/ 1,640 feet and covering 3.9 miles/ 6.2km Watch video from Day 1 on the Lemosho route.

Day 3: The journey up to the Shira Plateau 

Breakfast will be served at 7am. Your bags will need to be packed and ready, so tents can be dismantled and moved to the next camp at Shira 1. At 8am we will be underway through the rain forest. Once we hit 3,000m/ 9,842 feet you will exit the rain forest and the route up to the Shira plateau reveals itself. You cover 700m/ 2,296 feet and cover 5.7 miles/ 9.1km Watch video from Day 2 on the Lemosho route.

Day 4: The journey across the amazing Shira Plateau 

Today is an easier hike, but you are still at high altitude and you still need to be drinking 4 to 5 liters of water as you move across the Shira plateau to Shira camp 2 at 3,850m/ 12,631 feet. Once you arrive at Shira camp 2 you will have lunch and then continue up to 4,000m/ 13,123 feet for additional acclimatization. So you will cover 500m/ 1,640 feet and descent 150m/ 492 feet and cover 3.8 miles/ 6.1km Watch video from Day 3 on the Lemosho route

Day 5: The critical acclimatization day

Today is one of the big acclimatization days. We will need to leave camp at 8am for the 4 hour hike up to the Lava tower at 4,600m/ 15,091 feet. Our mess tent will be erected and you will be served a 3 course meal. After lunch we will descent all the way down to Baranco camp at 3,900m/ 12,795 feet. This is a long day and you hike up 750m/ 2,460 feet and down 700m/ 2,296 feet and cover 6.7 miles/ 10.8km Watch video from Day 4 on the Lemosho route.

Day 6: Some scrambling and great views across Kilimanjaro

After a good nights rest we are back at it. You will climb up and over the Baranco wall. The Baranco valley is the most beautiful valley on Kilimanjaro. This is an easier day and the Baranco wall should not scare you. Most people want to do it again as they have so much fun scrambling through the rock in the amazing and unique place. The elevation on the Baranco wall is 250m/ 820 feet. Once on top of the wall you make a series of up and downs before dropping 100m/ 328 feet down into the Karanga valley before going back up 85m/ 278 feet and arriving into Karanga camp 4,000m/ 13,123 feet.  You will hike up 400m/ 1,312 feet and down165m/ 541 feet and cover 3.5 miles/ 5.6km Watch video from Day 5 on the Lemosho route

Day 7: The short hike up to high camp and launching pad for the summit

Today we move up to Barafu high camp at 4,650m/ 15,255 feet to get in position for the summit attempt starting the early hours of the morning. The goal is to get to high camp early, have a full 3 course meal then get your gear ready and rest and sleep as much as possible. You will be up again at 10pm preparing for a midnight push to the summit. There is no down hill today we just go up 650m/ 2,132 feet Aiming to arrive into high camp before mid day. You will cover 2.2 miles/ 3.5km getting into high camp. Watch video from Day 6 on the Lemosho route

Day 8: One of the biggest trekking days of your life

This is it, summit night into a full day of hiking up and down the mountain. Summit night is a 14 hour journey. You will travel up 1,245m/ 4,084 feet and then drop down 2,795m/ 9,170 feet. You will get a one or two hour break at the camp you started from. So in Barafu camp 4,650m/ 15,255 feet you will have time for a full lunch, some rest and time to pack up your bags to move to the lower camp of Mweka at 3,100m/ 10,170 feet. You will cover 11.2 miles/ 18.1km today. Watch video from Day 7 on the Lemosho route

Day 9: The rewarding walk back through the rain forest on Kilimanjaro

After an amazing nights sleep, this is your final day on the mountain as we drop from Mweka camp 3,100m/ 10,170 feet and head down to the Mweka gate at 1,900m/ 6,233 feet. This is a nice walk down hill through the rain forest. You will drop down 1,200m/ 3,937 feet today and you will cover 5.8 miles/ 9.3km. Watch video from Day 8 on the Lemosho route

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