Trekking is perhaps one of the most rewarding hobbies an individual can take up. Not only does it help you keep fit but it also allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature with friends. It is well known that people who trek tend to be healthier due to the fact that trekking increases metabolic rate hence helps you burn more calories. The following are 10 most important useful tips for day hiking and you should be taking into consideration while day hiking.
Always Carry a mosquito repellent or a spray
This depends on what country you are hiking in. We aware, this is a very important accessory that should never be left behind. The last thing you should worry about is being bitten by insects while enjoying your trek. Ensure that you apply the repellant on all over your body and wear clothes that cover most of your body. This will protect you from nasty bites from insects.
Make sure you carry water
Water is an essential commodity when trekking.Always ensure that you carry bottled water while trekking as it will ensure that you keep hydrated. Trekking is very addictive and the more you trek the higher your chances of venturing too far is. Having additional water will help to keep you hydrated during these instances.
It is essential that you carry a Swiss pen knife
The Swiss knife is specifically designed for hiking and trekking as it has features that makes the whole trekking experience amazing. This knife often comes in handy when taking a long trek deep in the wild. Some of the amazing features that are included in the Swiss knife include scissors,knife,tweezers e.t.c which are often crucial in the wild.
First aid kit
The first aid kit should often be the first thing to pack when going trekking. Remember that serious injuries can occur while on a trek therefore having a first aid kit can often make a big difference. In the event of an injury,a medical hospital may be quite far hence the need to have a first aid kit arises.
Equip yourself with a map
Maps not only help you find your way while trekking but it can also be your guide in the event that you get lost while trekking. The benefit of having a detailed map can never be over emphasized as it often helps when you get lost in the wild. For a great trekking experience always carry a map and a compass.
Wear A Hat
This is often simple, when the sun is shining, you need to block as much sun from your face as possible.  Therefore, wearing a light, brimmed hat, will help you keep the sun off your face, and will also keep you cooler and lessen the prospect for wrinkles and skin cancer.
Never get too adventurous
When trekking it is often a good idea to do so as a group. This will guarantee your individual security and ensure that you do not get lost. DO not try to show off your trekking prowess by venturing deep into the wild as it just might cause you your life.
Always tell someone your route
Most hikers do not tell people the exact route their taking while trekking a fact that often complicates the whole process of recovery in the event something bad happens. It is a good idea to always tell people where you are going.
Wear bright colors
This will ensure that you are visible in case you get lost and people are looking for you.
Carry a whistle
In the event that you get lost a whistle comes in handy as it will not only let people who are looking for you know where you are but also help conserve your energy as its easier to blow a whistle than shout for help.

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