Trekking: How should you be training

It is important to seek out accurate information about the trail, distances, terrain, elevation of each days hike you will be hiking on. What type of acclimatization schedule will you be undertaking? Is the trek at high or extreme altitude?

How many days will you be hiking? is the trail gradual? Will you be hiking up and down steps? Will you be walking long distances? How much weight will you have to carry in your back pack each day?

All these questions need to be answered before you can really formulate a training program that will suit you best. You also need to fully understand a wide range of personal, medical and physical criteria before you can decide on the plan to move forward with your training.

One Major Tip: Build up to training with double the weight you will be carrying on your chosen adventure. Add more weight each month. Spend more time hiking up and down hills. Longer is better than faster. When the same activity gets easier add more weight.

Here is some training advice for our Everest base camp treks. As I say above there is no one size fits all. You need to review your personal training history and wide range of information before you can implement an effective training plan.

We have a wide range of video’s on our key trips to help you understand the terrain, clothing and preparation needed for your chosen trip. Everest base camp video’s, Kilimanjaro video’s, Island peak video’s, Mera Peak video, Machu Picchu video, terrain on the Everest trail and much more. The best thing you can do is call us or e-mail us and start getting the correct information for people who have made the journey more than most.

Trekking: How should you be training? Hard and effective for the conditions you will face on the actual trek or climb.



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  1. Dear Ian,

    Do you know from your experience and/or Medical connection if someone who is diagnosed as sickle cell Trait (SCT) can make it to the EBC without any complications?


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