So you want to challenge yourself trekking around the world in 2016. There are a few key things you need to start thinking about:

1). Do I have what it takes: YES YOU DO! You need to start writing down your goals and putting a solution in place for each part of your preparation.
2). I need to pick the right trip: This is so important and takes smaller steps may be key in getting to your ultimate goal. You want to climb Island Peak but you need previous experience. Talk to us and we can lead you through the process of getting you prepared to enjoying the journey of getting to that goal.
3). Where do I start: You need to talk to us about your goal and we can work with you weekly, monthly educating, preparing you and give you the tools needed to make your chosen journey a safe, successful and enjoyable experience.
4). How do I mentally and physically prepare: In our experience, the two go hand in hand. learning as much as possible about your trek, understanding your gear and equipment, getting outside in all types of weather conditions. Also training your body to handle the same type of activity you will be doing on your chosen adventure. This will help give you confidence and understanding of how to prepare, develop and adjust your training and how you approach your preparation. We are here 6 days a week to help you take the right steps.
5). What are the practical issues: Well you need to understand all the costs, flights, on the ground expenses, visa’s, vaccinations, personal insurance cover, tips and we outline all the costs so you can prepare accordingly.
We are available to walk you through every step. We have dossier’s, and information documents, video’s, training plans, hikes, and available 5 days a week in support of our trekking adventure. We can prepare you for Everest Base Camp, Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, Island Peak, Denali, Mera Peak or wherever your chosen adventure may be.
Take some trekking challenges 2016 with Ian Taylor Trekking


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