Treks in the Alps

One trip to the Alps, and you will forever be an advocate for this magical mountain range. From Italy, France to Switzerland, the Alps have a unique beauty that draws in people from around the world to enjoy their magnificent splendor. From the long trekking opportunities in the valley’s of the Alps, to its highest snow-capped peaks, the Alps have something for everyone, and should be on your list of top destinations to visit.

We have three incredible treks through the Alps on offer;  The Tour Du Mont Blanc, The Haute Route, and the Tour Del Gran Paradiso. Each of these stunning treks are a challenging and highly rewarding ways to experience the beautiful Alps.                                              


If you are looking for a bigger challenge, and would like to try to reach the summit of a climbing peak in the Alps, than we also have many options for you!  Climbing Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso or The Eiger are each stunning climbs, or for something different, we also have Mt. Elbrus in Russia on offer.

For more information on any of our Treks in the Alps, Climbs on Mt. Blanc, Elbrus or any of our treks or climbs in Europe, contact us now.