Many people asked me how to train for the Himalayas but it’s hard to answer. I don’t want to say what you need to do; I can only say what my training is like as it works for me. Last year I was preparing for Island Peak and soon will be off to climb Mera […]

Top 10 tips for climbing Island peak

Find out more about our Top 10 tips for climbing Island peak. If there is one climb that is terribly under estimated by so many people, it is Island peak. If you want to climb Island peak and stand high in the Himalaya’s at 6,189m/ 20,305ft, you need to give this mountain the respect it […]

How should I be training to climb Island peak

How should I be training to climb Island peak This will depends on a range of factors and requires a lot of different elements. Watch these two video and then let’s reflect on how you should be training for an Island peak climb. How should I train to be successful climbing Island Peak What do you see in […]

The Diary of a pretend mountaineer….

I’m a sailor, an ex-golfer and longtime dreamer. The diary of a pretend mountaineer. My particular journey to Everest all started with a map of Everest and the surrounding valleys in the Shebeen pub in Westport, which had hand written dotted lines and dates of an Everest attempt by one of the owners relations. It’s […]