Summit night on Kilimanjaro

Your Kilimanjaro climb will come down to one long summit day. Leaving high camp (Barafu camp) at 4,650m/ 15,256 ft. at mid night, it is a long, slow mental challenge to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro at 5,895m/ 19,341 ft.

Enjoy the achievement and move as a team back to high camp, which should take about 3 hours. Rest, re-hydrate for an hour, eat some lunch, pack your bag and slowly make your way down to Mweka Camp 3,100m/ 10,171 ft. This is a 1,245m/ 4,085 ft ascent and a 2,795m/ 9,170 ft descent. We highly recommend our 8 day climbs as you want to give yourself the best and safest chance at climbing to 5,895m/ 19,341ft. Watch the video above and check out some raw footage from the summit night on Kilimanjaro.

I have climbed Kilimanjaro 20+ times now and I see people struggling the last two hours to the crater rim and Stella point. You need to keep moving because it is cold,  the pace will be super slow and you can take multiple short stops. It is now a mental game and you have to believe in yourself and dig deep. Most of the hard work is done and you can make it to the top.

After you have enjoyed the summit of Kilimanjaro for 20 minutes you will need to drop down out of this extreme altitude. It will take 3 hours approximately to get back to Barafu camp. You can rest for 1 hour, depending on what time you arrive back into camp. You will then back up your bags, get more water, have lunch and continue down the mountain for a further 3 hours approximately to Mweaka camp 3,100m/ 10,170ft. You will be back in the rain forest and now you can celebrate you summit success. This is a 14 hour day so you need the best acclimatization and lead in to this challenging summit night climb on Kilimanjaro. CLICK HERE for more information on our climbs.

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