When Graham Kinch and I visited the small village of Kitandwe, Uganda in 2007 we were left inspired by the village. Their vision that ‘Today’s actions brings tomorrow’s success’ challenged us, our vision, our thinking and helped us prepare for our climb of Mt. Everest in May 2008. As you can see they had nothing. They did have a vision for something better.

In March 2009 we had raised the 70,000 Euro to built the Mt. Everest Primary school with Fields of Life we were inspired by the village, people and their Vision for now 7 years later the school has grown from 80 students to 240 and number one in their district.

 Listen in to Ian Talking about Vision, Passion, preparation, team work and belief. With these elements in the mix anything is possible. Get in touch if you would like to sponsor a child at the school or why not climbing Kilimanjaro and visit the Mt. Everest school in Uganda.

The school needs constant support. They now have quality education, kindergarten building, teachers accommodation and a quality water well which 2000 villagers now have access to clean water. They need our help to maintain the support of children right across East Africa.

CONTACT FIELDS OF LIFE and check out their education, water and community programs that are making a real difference in East Africa. Fields of Life have put over 50,000 children through school and currently have 40,000 children in the 113 schools built. The Mt. Everest Primary school is just one of the great projects Fields of Life developed, maintained and we see excelling in the small village of Kitandwe, Uganda. They have only 10% administration over heads. 90% of funds raised go directly on the ground to these much needed projects. I was always skeptical of charities and where money actually goes. I can stand behind Fields of Life as one of their ambassadors. They help so many people giving them a chance at a future.

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