Getting the right gear for your Kilimanjaro climb can be daunting. It doesn’t need to be. Ian has climbed Kilimanjaro 20+ times and has so much experience in a wide range of conditions. Climbing Kilimanjaro is challenging so having the right gear is important for a comfortable experience on the mountain. This video has the core items Ian will bring for his attempt on the summit of Kilimanjaro. If you need individual advice then
GET IN TOUCH  There is no one size fits all when it comes to gear, so get in touch.

There are some items of gear you don’t want to leave at home.  Keeping your feet, core, hands, head warm are very important. You don’t want to compromise in these areas. Also well worn in trekking boots are essential. We have more experience than most climbing Kilimanjaro have 98% success on our 8 day climbs. Once you sign up for one of our climbs we are available to help you train, get the right gear and fully prepare for your Kilimanjaro adventure. This packing video for Kilimanjaro is designed to help you. It does not represent what gear you should have. You might need warmer gloves, thicker merino wool layers and different brands and items of kit.  We want to be your number one resource for climbing Kilimanjaro and we can help you get the gear that will work for you. We have the knowledge and experience so get in touch today.

We have a full kit list available to you on sign up and will walk and talk you through your packing for Kilimanjaro. We are available 5 days a week in support of your Kilimanjaro climb. Packing for Kilimanjaro and having the right gear can make all the difference in a safe and enjoyable climb up Kilimanjaro.


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