Personal Training for mountaineering

From years of experience, we have found that the most successful people on the mountains are those who have put in the hard work beforehand doing the specific training required. That is why we pride ourselves in making sure that our clients have the best opportunities with the specific training required to give them the best chance at success on his/her chosen adventure. Personal training for mountaineering can be a good option. Once you sign up for a trek Ian is available to you 5 days a week in support of your fitness goals.

We can guide clients and groups in mountain training, cardiovascular and strength and conditioning schedules to suit each individual journey.  We have trained groups and individuals of all levels of fitness, from novice to experienced athletes, preparing them for any trekking, climbing or mountaineering trip. We also work with other trainers and sports massage professionals who are extremely qualified to assist you in preparing for your chosen adventure or fitness goals.

Eoin McKenna:  

Eoin is the owner of two personal training facilities in Ireland. He has worked with many of our clients with great success. He has fifteen years experience at all levels and training people in strength, conditioning, endurance, trekking and mountaineering. Eoin was Ireland’s number one Archer and has competed in triathlons and Ironman competitions. Eoin has also climbed Mt. Blanc and Kilimanjaro so he knows exactly what is needed to achieve success in the mountains.                                   


Andrew Watson :


Andrew was one of the athletic trainers to Texas A+M Track and Field program which also included being athletic trainer to a number of track and field competitors at the Beijing Olympics 2008. He is currently an Athletic Therapist in the Raglan sports medicine, working closely with one of the leading sports medicine consultants in the country and his goals are to excel in the field of sports and exercise medicine and rehabilitation. Specialties: Sports injuries, strength and conditioning, manual therapy, rehabilitation, biomechanics and isokinetics.

Paul Mc Donnell:  Paul Mc Donnell


Paul McDonnell is a Neuro-muscular therapist, helping clients with Deep Tissue massage, Sports injury Rehab and back pain.  Paul Specialises in deep tissue and sports massage. He is based in The Raglan sports medicine, 4 Fitzwilliam Square East,  Dublin 2.  Paul has treated a wide range of Ian Taylor Trekking clients in the past and comes highly recommended.


Dr. Ros Drake:                                                                      


Dr. Ros Drake of Drake Chiropractic in Sandyford, Dublin16 qualified as a chiropractor in 2000 and has run her own clinic for over 5 years establishing herself with interests in sport and pregnancy. She is the chiropractor to the St. Mary’s Rugby Club in Templeogue, has treated IRFU referees, as well as a number of amateur athletes covering cycling, long distance runners, swimmers and Ironman. Having successfully climbed Kilimanjaro in September 2011 she has a very keen interest in walking and hiking, she is available to treat and help anyone who is looking to achieve their fitness goals.

Ronan Friel:                                                           

Ronan has had an interest in the hills from a very young age. His interest began in the hills of Donegal, his father’s home. He is, by profession, an electrician with his own business based in Dublin.  Ronan also provides mountain guiding service throughout Ireland and specialising in getting off the well known tracks. He is a volunteer with Gaisce (Ireland’s president’s award) as has been an expedition leader for the past few years organising, planning and executing international expeditions. He has climbed and hiked in Summer and Winter all over Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland and Australia. He has extensive skills in navigation, night navigation and rope work. Ronan is also a volunteer with Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue which is one of Ireland’s busiest mountain rescue teams. His qualifications include, remote emergency care level 4&5, CFR (cardiac first responder), EFR (emergency first responder), WEMT (wilderness emergency medical technician), MRI EMT (Mountain rescue Ireland emergency medical technician). He also has a Mountain Rescue Ireland’s accredited hill party leader qualification and is an advanced rope rescue rigging technician. Mountains of course are not just about the climbing and hiking but also about the flora and fauna. Ronan operates under the ethos of the “leave no trace” ethics and is a qualified “leave no trace” trainer.

Sara Rios:                                                                     

Sara Rios, holds an Exercise Coach certification from C.H.E.K. Institute, Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through National Strenght Professionals Association (NSPA) and a Mind/Body Personal Trainer certification through the Aerobic Association International and the International Sports Medicine Association (AAAI/ISMA). Sara is also an IDEA member. Sara has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico and a Master’s degree in Tourism Administration from the George Washington University.  Sara founded Healing Workouts to inspire others to restore balance through movement and to lead active, productive live by continuing to travel and challenge the body to reach new levels of fitness.Sara has been to Everest Base Camp and how what it takes to get you trained up and ready for your adventure of a lifetime.

Shawnee Harkins:                                                        

Shawnee Harkins is an internationally renowned fitness trainer and consultant, and has appeared on programs like the Dr. Phil Show and many fitness industry advertisements. She is currently enrolled at Orange Coast College in a Master’s Program, and is a standout member of the school’s crew team. Each and every one of us has “the ultimate goal” whether it for health, appearance or sports. And sometimes we need to know the path in order to reach our goals. This is where I am fortunate to bring my experience as someone who struggled with physical challenges at age eighteen after sustaining a traumatic brain and spinal cord injury due to a serious roller blading car collision. My ultimate goal was to beat this thing, become strong again, and to pursue my childhood dream to become a firefighter and emergency medical technician. Through mental focus and the help of a great personal trainer, we as a team accomplished both! With every client, fitness program, fitness series or fitness video – I bring my personal journey to the table, and because I was once in the shoes of someone vulnerable I understand what internal strength it takes to hop on the path and continue the journey. I subsequently chose health and fitness as my lifetime career knowing I found my true calling. I was the thirsty client, the woman whom pushed the boundaries and I loved helping people whether under a high stress environment or through the bond of human connection. Physical fitness is like breathing to me, without it I’m not living! I love every aspect of fitness; how you feel during exercise mentally and physically pushing yourself and after the sense of pride. Fitness is my greatest passion. Train with Shawnee and join her on a trek to Everest Base Camp, Climb Kilimanjaro or trek to Machu Picchu.

Chris England: (Guide)                                      

Chris has been hill walking, climbing and mountaineering for over 25 years across Europe, Africa and North America. This has included Canada, USA, South Africa, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria and England. However, the majority of this time has been spend in the four corners of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Having lived in Scotland for eight years Chris has an extensive knowledge of the Scottish hills in summer and winter. Since moving back to Ireland 16 years ago the call of the Scottish hills remained and he has led winter trips to Scotland for 14 of those 16 years, for groups from complete novices through to Mountain Rescue Team members.

Chris is also a member and former Team Leader of Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team. Throughout his time as Team Leader he managed the team throughout its busiest period, 109 operations in one year. In addition to this he is the current Irish Delegate to the International Commission for Alpine Rescue, the world’s representative body for Mountain Rescue. Chris also holds a number of formal mountaineering qualifications and outdoors certificates:

Mountain Leader (Summer), Mountain Leader (Winter), Expedition Leader, Mountain Rescue, Scotland Avalanche search skills, Swift water Rescue First Responder, Rescue Rigging for mountain rescue, Search Management, Remote Emergency Care Levels 4&5, Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician.