Off to the outdoor store

I am off to the outdoor store 53 Degrees North in Dublin this morning, before that I will be looking at a new business idea hygiene kit for Hiking. I have been working with 53 Degrees North, trying to expand the range of clothing we can offer clients. They support our Treks and climbs around the world, helping their members getting the right information on trekking and climbing trips around the world. CLICK HERE and find out more about the up coming presentations on Everest and trekking trips 53 Degrees North will host in their Dublin and Cork stores.
As we are running some climbing trips above 6,000m in the Himalaya’s and winter skills in Scotland clothing and equipment can become a life line. They are always looking to improve and develop their clothing for hikers, climbers and mountain climbers.
I was sampling some Berghaus gear out in Vietnam, Borneo and Indonesia and used some of the new Gortex jackets, Hybrid and Fleece gear which was great. I have been using Berghaus gear since 2004, almost a decade. 53 Degrees North stock a wide range of excellent outdoor gear needed for mountain and trekking adventures.
My hope is as always, that when I walk into 53 Degrees North today I am handed a big box of gear to sample. It hasn’t happened to date, but we will see………… they do have the staff in place to that know our trips and happy to help you. If you have further questions about gear and kit needed for your trip contact us and we can help you have the right gear for your adventure trek.
Back from a day of meetings, we met Ros Drake from Drake chiropractic in Dublin. A great person and a great advocate for what experiencing mountains can do for your life. She also has a hygiene for Hiking kit available to buy. For anyone looking starting off and not sure what to bring on the mountains you should check this or feel free to give us a call or drop me a mail and we can put you in touch.

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