Just back from our Everest Base Camp with Ian Taylor Trekking.  We had 10 people in our team and we had a great mix of people from around the world. What a journey!! I am an avid female hiker from Australia with many goals. A friend on mine who climbed Kilimanjaro with Ian Taylor and is climbing with him in the Himalaya’s next month put us in touch.

I was delight with the advanced training program and individual touch, the Everest base camp dossier was great and I always got answers to my questions within days if not the same day. Thank you guys for your help and time. I think Kilimanjaro is my the cards for 2015.
Once I arrived in Kathmandu airport, I was picked up and brought to the crazy and now my favorite city of Kathmandu. It did take me about 45 minutes to exit the airport, the line to get my visa was busy. Ian had told me to pick up the visa entry form, get in line fast and have my passport photo’s ready and my $40 and this helped speed up the process.
I had never been to Nepal before and I love the place. The city tour the day before the trek was enlightening, what amazing history, culture and people. Meeting the local Nepalese people along with some of the Sherpa community who have moved from the mountains to Kathmandu was great. Certainly some of the nicest people I have ever met.
From the streets of Kathmandu we took the short flight to Lukla and into the mountains. I had read a lot of books, and information about the trek, but I was now in the Himalaya’s and walking this famous trail. It was 24/26 Celcius in Kathmandu and 8 celcius on the morning of arrival in Lukla and remember thinking if it is this cold down here at 2,860m what would be like above 5,000m.
Every morning was cold but the once the sun came out it was warm and the sun was strong. Everyday started the same cold and warmed up during the day. There was very little wind, it was cloudy some days but I was enjoying every minute of the trek.
We spent three nights in Namche Bazaar, hiking to shangbouche hill which was an amazing panoramic view of the Everest and surrounding mountains. We also took a hike up to Thame and home of Tenzing Norgay, Everest first summitteer.
I was surprised at the pace we were walking, I was told we would walk slowly but it was perfect, we moved slowly, taking lots of breaks, snacks and drinking lemon tea, and really taking in the mountains views and enjoying hiking each day.
I was impressed with the lodges, some of the toilets are ruff, but this is part of the journey. I was just so excited to be walking this trail and every day gave us new and amazing views, and I was loving the journey. A few people were tired, no effects of altitude and the team spirit was high with your guides keeping up going each day with stories of living in the mountains.
After 9 days I was standing in base camp. There must have been 6 tents of Sherpa’s preparing the way for climbers coming to climb Everest in 2014. I was glad to have arrived and overwhelmed with emotion. Standing right below the world’s highest mountain was truly and a great feeling.
Everyone was feeling good and enjoying the experience. We were all excited to journey up Kala phattar the following morning. It was maybe -10 celcius on the hike up kala Phattar once the sun was up it warmed up and what a day to remember.
The view out from Kala Phatar was unreal, looking back to where we came from gave me a real sense of achievement and one I will always remember. I sat and enjoyed the moment and seeing Everest close up was truly amazing. My Mt. Everest trek was a personal journey. It was a long journey back but one I really enjoyed every moment of the trip. I highly recommend getting in touch with Ian Taylor and take this journey with his team. I was impressed with the whole set up and looking forward to climbing Kilimanjaro in 2015.
Sarah Myers, Everest Base Camp Trek, March 2014.

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