Mt. Blanc Climbs

Get your climbing partner and sign up to climb one of the world’s greatest peaks!! We may post another climb if there is demand in September.
7th JUNE – 14th JUNE    SOLD OUT!! 
10th JULY  –  17th JULY    SOLD OUT!!
7th AUGUST   –  14th AUGUST   SOLD OUT!!
9th June  –  16th June 2018 8 SPACES OPEN
7th July  –   14th July 2018 8 SPACES OPEN
25th August  –   1st September 2018 8 SPACES OPEN  
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Climbing Mt. Blanc is one of the great mountain climbing experiences, it has it all, climbing in three countries in preparation for for your summit attempt, learning have to move in crampons, as a team, crossing glaciers, climbing missed rock and snow. It is an amazing challenge and mountaineering experience.  The views will stay with you the rest of your life. We highly recommend coming with a climbing partner and excellent physical conditioning to maximize your chances of making the summit. Join one of our Mt. Blanc Climbs.
This is a world class and classic mountaineering climb and one we know will leave you wanting more. CLICK HERE for some of our Himalayan peak climbs.   
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2 thoughts on “Mt. Blanc Climbs

  1. What is the cost to climb Mt Blanc for the 7th July to 14th July 2018 and are flights included in the price.

    Kind Regards

  2. Hi, I would like to attempt to climb MB in August/September. I am an experienced climber and have good physical conditioning at high altitude and besides however I have no experience with crampons etc. Obviously I would like to keep my travel dates to a minimum (I live in Ireland); what options do I have? What is your minimum dates of travel which include preprequisite training? Thank you

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