8th April  –  27th April 2017 100% SUCCESS 

13th May   –   1st June 2017 100% SUCCESS 

7th October  –  27th October 2017 50% SUCCESS  Lead by Markian Feduschak

4th November  –  23rd November 2017 100% SUCCESS Lead by Ryan Williams

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If you want a more challenging trip why not consider climbing Mera and Island peaks in one trip. CLICK HERE for more information on our Mera peak climbs. CLICK HERE for our Top 10 Tips for climbing Mera peak.



This trek and climb of Mera peak is truly an amazing adventure. Trekking through the Hinku valley is truly one of the world’s greatest treks. Camping all the way which makes this a real mountaineering adventure, waking up to new spectacular views very day. We have an excellent acclimatization schedule giving us 88% success to date. Mera Peak stands at 6,476m 21,246 feet above sea level with rich views right across the Everest region and Himalaya’s.

Mera peak is a highly sought after peak offering you a unique chance to climb high into the Himalaya’s.  Trekking in one of the most beautiful and remote valleys in Nepal as well as the opportunity to stand at 6,476m is a truly rewarding experience. Mera peak 2016 could be the climb for you.

We are available 5 days a week to support you in your training, preparation and adventure. Feel free to call or e-mail us at any time and we can get you there.

5 thoughts on “MERA PEAK 2017

  1. Hi there.
    Just wondering if i could get a breakdown of costs for your Mera Peak trip for 2 in October 2016 or april or may if still available
    Many thanks,

  2. Hello Ian

    I am very much interested in your 2017 Mera trip. 3 questions : 1° I am 57 but in good shape doing sport 2 times a week with a short experience in climbing ( mountain troops in my army time and recently a snow and ice training at Chamonix for 4 days. Is there an age limit?
    2° How large are the groups you put together?
    3° What are the costs?

    Thanks and congratulations for the very nice videos
    Jean Louis

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