Kilimanjaro day 1 lemosho route

I filmed each day heading up Kilimanjaro to give you an idea of the terrain, challenges, gear and quality service we offer.  I also filmed to show you a little bit about what you will face on the mountain. You will see as each day progresses the pace slows and gear changes and the different terrain you will encounter on Kilimanjaro. Check out our top 10 tips for a successful Kilimanjaro climb.

Kilimanjaro day 1 Lemosho route is all about getting onto the mountain. You will be up at 8am for breakfast having your bag packed and ready to go for 9am sometimes earlier depending on the group and as circumstances develop.

We will make the 3 hour drive to the Londrossi gate on the west side of Kilimanjaro. The Lemosho route is remote and wild and you will experience the best route up Kilimanjaro moving slowly through the rain forest towards your first nights big tree camp at 2,900m

The londrossi gate is positioned at 2,250m/ 7,382ft. you will hike towards big tree camp at 2,900m/ 9,514ft. and the easiest first day on any route up Kilimanjaro. This day helps you ease into the low oxygen environment and helps your body adapt well in the early stage of the climb. This is vital to being successful climbing Kilimanjaro.

You can not make big jumps in altitude. Ideally no more than 700m/ 2,300ft in one day. This helps you move higher, helps your body react as best as possible to a new height and lower levels of oxygen without getting sick and having the turn around on the mountain. This happens to more than 50% of people who attempt the Kilimanjaro climb.


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