Kilimanjaro Climbs in 2019

                               Kilimanjaro Climbs in 2019
4th Jan  –  13th Jan 2019  LEMOSHO ROUTE  SOLD OUT  
12th Jan  –  21st Jan 2019  LEMOSHO ROUTE SOLD OUT
20th Jan  –  29th Jan 2019 LEMOSHO ROUTE SOLD OUT (Private Group) 
29th Jan  –  7th Feb 2019 LEMOSHO ROUTE  SOLD OUT Led by Ian Taylor
7th Feb  –  16th Feb 2019 LEMOSHO ROUTE  SOLD OUT Led by Ian Taylor

19th Feb  –  28th Feb 2019 LEMOSHO ROUTE 8 (2 spaces on hold) SPACES OPEN

7th June  –  16th June 2019 LEMOSHO ROUTE 10 SPACES OPEN
16th June  –  23rd June 2019 MACHAME ROUTE 10 SPACES OPEN
5th July  –  14th July 2019 LEMOSHO ROUTE  6 SPACES OPEN Led by Ian Taylor
14th July – 23rd July 2019 LEMOSHO ROUTE 10 SPACES OPEN 
23rd July  –  31st July 2019 MACHAME ROUTE 10 SPACES OPEN 
1st Aug  –  10th Aug 2019 LEMOSHO ROUTE SOLD OUT
12th Aug  –  20th Aug 2019 MACHAME ROUTE 10 SPACES OPEN
22nd Aug  – 31st Aug 2019 LEMOSHO ROUTE 10 SPACES OPEN
Sept 1st – 10th Sept 2019 LEMOSHO ROUTE 10 SPACES OPEN  
Sept 11th – 20th Sept 2019 LEMOSHO ROUTE 10 SPACES OPEN

Sept 20th – 29th Sept 2019 LEMOSHO ROUTE 10 SPACES OPEN 

Oct 5th – 13th Oct 2019 MACHAME ROUTE 10 SPACES OPEN  
Oct 19th – 28th Oct 2019 LEMOSHO ROUTE 9 SPACES OPEN
7th  –  16th Dec 2019 LEMOSHO ROUTE 10 SPACES OPEN 
27th  –  5th Jan 2020 LEMOSHO ROUTE 10 SPACES OPEN
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Kilimanjaro Climbs in 2019

If you are trying to gather the correct information you need to contact us. Here are just a few blog posts you need to read. Looking for all the information you need to climb Kilimanjaro. If you want to find out what is the best route click on the link. How should you be training and the BEST TIPS out there for your Kilimanjaro climb.  Follow our Facebook page and BLOG.


Kilimanjaro Climbs in 2019

The Lemosho route on Kilimanjaro has given us a 98% SUCCESS RATE. Personally this is our favorite route with the best acclimatization and scenery on the mountain. The trek through the rain forest is stunning and you feel like you are really out there off the beaten track, the trail is raw and beautiful. You also get three days to yourself as you trek out of the rain forest and across to Shira Plateau towards the summit of Kilimanjaro. We feel this route gives the best acclimatization for your attempt on Kilimanjaro so if you want to enjoy the experience and get to the top this has to be the route for you. CLICK HERE for our 2020 Everest Base Camp Treks. Climb Kilimanjaro in 2020 and give yourself the best chance at successfully making the summit of Africa’s highest peak.

Kilimanjaro Climbs in 2019

CLICK HERE and watch our Kilimanjaro packing video, CLICK HERE and learn more about training to Climb Kilimanjaro. Ian has climbed Kilimanjaro 20+ times now and want to make sure you have the information you need to make your trip a success, CLICK HERE for my Top 10 Tips for climbing Kilimanjaro.

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  1. Myself and three friends looking to do the feb 17 kilimanjaro climb just looking for a price and do yous organize flights or is that up to us

  2. Very much interested after reading up on your website. How much will it cost to go to Kilimanjaro 5 to 14 July 2019?

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