Kilimanjaro Climbs 2017

15th Jan  –  21st Jan  MACHAME ROUTE  SOLD OUT  100% SUCCESS
22nd Jan  –   29th Jan   LEMOSHO ROUTE SOLD OUT 100% SUCCESS
12th Feb  –  19th Feb   LEMOSHO ROUTE SOLD OUT   80% SUCCESS

19th Feb   –   25th Feb   MACHAME ROUTE  SOLD OUT  100% SUCCESS

11th June  –  17th June  MACHAME ROUTE SOLD OUT  80% SUCCESS 
18th June  –  25th June LEMOSHO ROUTE   100% SUCCESS 
9th July  –  16th July   LEMOSHO ROUTE 100% SUCCESS 
5th Aug –   12th Aug LEMOSHO ROUTE 100% SUCCESS

13th Aug  –  20th Aug  MACHAME ROUTE 100% SUCCESS 

26th Aug – 2nd Sept  LEMOSHO ROUTE 90% SUCCESS

3rd Sept – 10th Sept  LEMOSHO ROUTE  90% SUCCESS

14th Oct  – 21st Oct  LEMOSHO ROUTE 100% SUCCESS

21st Oct  – 30th Oct LEMOSHO ROUTE 100% SUCCESS

3rd Dec  –  10th Dec LEMOSHO ROUTE 100% SUCCESS

27th Dec  –  3rd Jan LEMOSHO ROUTE  90% SUCCESS

CLICK HERE for our Kilimanjaro video      CLICK HERE for 2018 dates. 

CLIMB KILIMANJARO FOR FREE!!!! Get 10 people together and get your space for FREE Climb Kilimanjaro Via the Machame Route or the Lemosho Route. We get 100% of people to the summit on most of our trips.  Call us now and get your training plan, 45 page dossier and access to people who have put over 1000 people on the summit of Kilimanjaro. IF YOU HAVE A GROUP OF 6 OR MORE WE CAN TAILOR DATES TO YOUR NEEDS. 

We have 98% success rates on our 8 day Kilimanjaro climbs and 94% success rates on our 7 day Machame route climbs. Get in touch and find out why have the best team in place for your Kilimanjaro climb. Climb Kilimanjaro in 2017 with Ian Taylor Trekking and give yourself the best chance at making a safe and successful ascent of Kilimanjaro. Join our Kilimanjaro Climbs 2017 or check out our 2018 climbs.



2 thoughts on “Kilimanjaro Climbs 2017

  1. Hello,

    I was recommended to your company from a previous trekkers of yours. I was wondering if you have any kili treks going around august 23/24/25. Flexible to route. I am a solo traveler and hoping to join a larger group.

    Thank you,

  2. Amazing video about Kilimanjaro climb tour. It is an ultimate adventure that you can do. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is an expedition that anyone who loves adventure is aiming for. It is the tallest freestanding mountain all over the world and is also known as the Mountain of Greatness. Each climber has its own reason for climbing Kilimanjaro but the common reason they share is that they want to stand on the summit of the highest peak in Africa. Climbing the mountain is a challenging and demanding feat. However, regardless of its immense height, any reasonably fit person can successfully climb it. It does not require anyone to possess technical skills because it is very accessible. On the other hand, the most important thing that could determine for a successful hike Kilimanjaro is getting quality guide service. Last year I had visited Kilimanjaro with my family by the help of Tanzania Joy Tours.

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