Sometimes we need to keep pushing to build momentum, stay positive and know that the training you are doing is keeping you healthy and preparing you for that mountain adventure trek or climb of a lifetime. Keep training !

1). Make a list: write down what benefits you enjoy from being active and write down how you felt after your training. Put them somewhere you can see them on a daily basis to remind you why it is important to stick to your plan.
2). Keep it interesting: If you are going to follow a similar routine daily, it’s no wonder you get bored, try some new routes with other groups, get a new gym program every six weeks. Get a VO2 max test and see where your fitness it at and start to grow from there. Always aim to keep your routine fresh as it keeps you challenged and engaged.
3). Treat yourself: Join a gym and get a personal trainer on board. Sometimes a little help goes a long way. We can help, we have some world class trainers available in Ireland and the USA. We can help you get started and have some fun along the way.
4). Join the team: Where possible join others on the same journey, joining our hiking groups in Ireland or join a team in your local region or city. We have people joining from all over the world so make sure you are connected to everyone else’s training. We are happy to put you in touch with team members and discuss training and preparation. This could be a great motivator.
5). Call us: It is in our interest to help you. We want to make sure all our teams are training and preparing properly. We are only too happy to help you training and manage your time to be as effective in your training as possible. Get in touch with us and we will add in some exciting training sessions to help you move forward towards you goal.

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