Island peak climbs 2017

Island peak climbs 2017
31st March  – 20th April 2017  0% SUCCESS

8th April  –  28th April 2017  100% SUCCESS

10th May  –  29th May 2017  100% SUCCESS

22nd April  – 12th May 2017  100% SUCCESS

16th Sept – 6th Oct 2017 100% SUCCESS 

4th Nov  –  24th  Nov 2017 100% SUCCESS 

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We love Island peak. We run numerous trips per year to climb this fantastic mountain. We also run private group trips on request. We have a few spaces remaining on our Island peak climbs in 2018. Sign up for our Island peak climb 2018 and we will help you prepare, train and prepare for your Himalayan climbing adventure.
The summit is only a couple of feet wide and getting to stand high in the Himalaya’s is something special. Marvel at the Himalayan range right there in front of you and be left inspired by the world’s highest mountain close up. Climbing Island peak is not easy but can be achieved with a lot of hill walking experience and some winter skills training.
We want everyone to enjoy the climb so being prepared is essential. On route to Island peak we will trek to Everest Base Camp and back through the mountains towards the Imja Valley before our ascent of Island peak. Lots of people want to stand at 20,000 feet above sea level and this could be your chance to experience one of the classic Himalayan peaks. Join us and climb Island peak in 2018.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m a 22 year old woman who is interested in the island peak climb and I’m looking for more information. I have a couple questions 1) how large are the groups and who old is the average trekker 2) what are the trekking conditions like in late april/early may and 3) can you give me a little more info about your company? I’d like to hear a little more about who you are and what your practices are. I also would like to know the climbing experience required and the technical skill level I need.



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