Ian Taylor Motivational Speaker

Ian Taylor motivational speaker.  Engaging,  unique and inspired he will leave your audience enthralled and thoroughly motivated’ Tom Mc Namara, Bank of Ireland. Ian can be hired to speak in Schools, Universities, Charity events, Companies at large and small scale events.

Ian Taylor is based in Eagle-Vail, Colorado and travels the world giving engaging, challenging and inspirational presentations. After Ian climbed Mount Everest in 2008, he started picking towns in Ireland and handing out flyers, getting people to local events. Some events had 10 people some had over 100 people turn out. His first presentation in the United States had 3 people show up.
These presentations over a number of years helped him refine his presentation skills, present his unique Everest journey in a clear, concise and meaningful manner. He initially put on 15 presentations before he was picked up by 2 professional speaking agencies. Ian is now listed on over 10 worldwide speaking agencies.
Ian has spoken at events where government ministers, business leaders, executives, Managers and decision makers are present, with audiences over 600 people. He challenges the audience to follow real vision in their lives, to follow their passion and bringing that to their personal and working environment.
Ian has managed teams in business to change, managed failing business to change, worked on start up companies, set up his own business, bringing people up mountains they never thought possible. He brings the same vision and passion to every presentation and project with great success. Check out his new ambitious venture.
Click below and review his testimonials from speaking events.  If you are interested in Ian speaking to your company or for an event feel free to e-mail him at info@iantaylortrekking.com

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