PRESS PLAY………….  I will present a FREE ‘Everest to the Top’ presentation in Vail, Colorado on the 20th August 2015 in support of the Goli Valley trust.

I will be giving more presentations on climbing Kilimanjaro, Trekking to Everest base camp and more exciting presentation on some of the treks and climbs we leads around the world. I have climbed Everest, Kilimanjaro 18 times, Island peak 7 times, lead 14 treks to Everest base camp along with many more climbs around the world. If you would like to hire me to speak at your event you can contact Ian Taylor directly.     
I has spoken to companies like Cisco, Sanofi, The Tax Institute, The National Recruitment Federation, Deloitte, Colorado Technical University, Students, sports teams and many more. Speaking Testimonials
Ian speaks in Colorado USA 2015 for the people of Goli. This FREE Everest to the top presentation is in aid of the amazing people of Goli Village in Nepal. Goli was rocked by two recent and massive earthquakes. Destroying many and most of the villagers home and local amenities.  Most of our climbing Sherpa’s, guides and support staff come from the village of Goli 109km east of Kathmandu. Their village has been left in ruin and we need to get behind them now in their time of need. CLICK HERE and donate to the Goli village trust.
A child with no school in Goli Seriously damaged building in Goli village A home in ruin in Goli
The Monastery in ruins in Goli

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